Scott Walker presenting

Scott Walker Keynote Speaker

  • Kidnap for Ransom & Crisis Negotiator
  • Military Intelligence Interrogator
  • Leadership, Decision Making and Communications Expert

Scott Walker's Biography

Scott Walker is one of the world’s most experienced kidnap for ransom negotiators having helped resolve over 300 cases and other similar crises such as piracy and cyber extortion attacks. He is a highly compelling keynote speaker.

Scott has used his decades of experience to develop a unique understanding of what makes people think, feel and act, specifically in times of adversity, conflict, and uncertainty. He now trains these proven techniques to leaders at all levels of an organisation who are keen to enhance their resilience, emotional intelligence and communication skills. This results in having better conversations with their teams, clients and ultimately themselves and become the ‘calm at the centre of any storm’. Something that is crucial during these times of crisis and significant change.

He particularly enjoys designing and facilitating immersive table-top exercises based on real kidnap cases to upskill individuals and teams in their leadership, decision making and communication skills under extreme, ‘life or death’ pressure.

Scott also continues to help companies solve internal communication problems and develop engaged, fulfilled, purpose-driven and productive teams, with the flourishing of a genuine ‘people first’ culture that optimises mental health and well-being across an entire organisation. Such an approach simply makes great business sense. Scott also provides bespoke support to leaders striving to shift from functional into strategic roles by coaching them on developing an authentic and powerful leadership style.

Prior to 2015, Scott spent 16 years as a Scotland Yard detective engaged in counter-terrorism operations and resolving kidnap for ransom cases. He also deployed to hostile environments on behalf of military intelligence to conduct covert interrogation operations.

Scott is represented exclusively by Chartwell Speakers for his speaking engagements.

Speaking Topics:

  • Communication (Empathy, Rapport Building, Influence & Persuasion)
  • Negotiation
  • Resilience
  • Leadership & Decision Making
  • Crisis Management
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