Scott McArthur Keynote Speaker

  • Keynote speaker on transformation, mindfulness and the digital age
  • Co-founder Sculpture Consulting
  • Visiting lecturer at Kent Business School, the University of Sussex and the University of Birmingham and Cranfield Business School

Scott McArthur's Biography

Scott McArthur offers an unusual mix of experience, having worked as a research scientist, HR director, business consultant, rock musical producer, writer, keynote and TEDx speaker. His delivery style, which he has developed across the sectors in over 20 years, is humorous, well-crafted, inspiring and direct.  He became the go-to speaker for keynotes, learning, and development while working for top organisations such as UK Ministry of Defence, M&S and the UK Olympic Authority. Today, Scott and partner Samantha run Sculpture Consulting Ltd working for a wide range of clients such as Atos, Superdry, SwissRe, Deloitte, and Capgemini.

“Disrupt the narrative and the behaviours that bind you with the tools and techniques that Scott McArthur will give you on a silver platter of wit, passion and a touch of rock and roll”.

We are creatures of habit and Scott McArthur’s mission is to help us break those habits; especially the ones that are not beneficial to our progress. From Lanark, Scotland, Scott started his own career path by breaking the very habits that should have defined him. Rather than be swept up in a predictable future, Scott decided to prove the statistics and his school career advisor wrong and went on to study biology and psychology at college. Today, he delivers keynote speeches on the human condition to instruct audiences on how to make better decisions, have better conversations, and reframe beliefs and opinions.

With a myriad of experiences, Scott’s background gives him a well of content to draw upon that allows him to connect with his audience in a way, unlike other traditional organisational experiences. He does not get on stage to just give a list of bullet points, but rather teaches his audiences to actually think so they can walk away with the tools and techniques they can use in their personal and work lives.

He is published in a wide range of disciplines including disease detection, leadership development, transformation, mindfulness, pioneering microscopy techniques, rock music, and human resources. Scott focuses his keynote programmes on inspiring his audiences to change from the inside out; what he calls the “inner work” of relationships, organisations, and cultures. Learn how to change your life and disrupt the habits that define you with Scott’s well-crafted and inspiring programmes.

Speaking topics:

• Leading from the inside out – self-awareness as the differentiator hiding in plain sight
• Why facts don’t change people – the science and art of influencing change
• Are you paying attention – new leadership, emerging markets and dealing with disruption
• Partnering for-profit – the role of relationships and vulnerability in business strategy
• Natural stupidity and artificial intelligence – AI as an impending disaster or a route to human happiness
• HR as the corporate apothecary – performance-enhancing drugs in the workplace

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Videos of Scott McArthur

Showreel for Scott D McArthur International Keynote Speaker
Showreel for Scott D McArthur International Keynote Speaker
Why Don't Facts Change People? | Scott D. McArthur | TEDxWarwick
Why Don't Facts Change People? | Scott D. McArthur | TEDxWarwick
Leading from the inside out - keynote trailer
Leading from the inside out - keynote trailer
Are you paying attention - keynote trailer
Are you paying attention - keynote trailer
Why facts don't change people - keynote trailer
Why facts don't change people - keynote trailer
The Story of Joseph Knight
The Story of Joseph Knight

Comments & Testimonials

Scott brings a huge amount of creativity & passion to his speaking engagements. He provides deep expert insight into employee engagement & communication. Nor is he afraid to challenge his audiences to achieve superior results.
Ursula Morgenstern CEO, Atos Germany

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