Sasha Qadri Keynote Speaker

  • Sasha Qadri, a distinguished presenter and moderator, has anchored for global networks like Sky, CNN, and Bloomberg.
  • Her background in investment banking informs her insightful interviews with prominent business leaders and CEOs.
  • At Bloomberg Live, Sasha curated and moderated high-profile events, building upon her collaborative work with significant institutions in business and technology.

Sasha Qadri's Biography

Sasha Qadri is a seasoned presenter, moderator, and event host, bringing a rich journalistic background from anchoring television news for networks such as Sky, CNN, Bloomberg, and CNBC. Recognized for her compassion, and deft handling of live breaking news events, Sasha has become a sought-after speaker and moderator in various sectors, including sustainability, cybersecurity, and finance.

In the earlier stage of her career, Sasha was an investment banker, which helped fuel her fascination with business and finance. This interest underpins her insightful interviews with business leaders and CEOs, including Rocco Forte, Angus Thirlwell, Theo Paphitis, and Asma Khan. These engagements often delve into the complexities of growing businesses in dynamic times, highlighting her skill in navigating conversations about digital disruption, transformation, and the post-Covid leadership landscape.

Currently, Sasha contributes her experience to numerous business and technology events, moderating roundtables and panel discussions, and emceeing international events. Her recent collaborations encompass a broad spectrum of industries and prominent institutions like Lloyds Bank, Atom Bank, Dell EMC, HPE, and Microsoft.

Previously, Sasha held the role of Senior Programming Director at Bloomberg Live for several years. Here, she curated and moderated diverse editorial events, ranging from flagship equality summits to broader business and tech-centered gatherings.

Sasha is also an accomplished academic, holding a degree in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University. Additionally, she enjoyed a gap year studying at The Sorbonne in France, embracing the local cuisine along with her studies.

Through her endeavors, Sasha Qadri continues to forge a meaningful career path, embodying the spirit of thoughtful inquiry and empathetic dialogue that underpins her journalistic ethos. Her invaluable blend of experience and versatility promises to offer intriguing insights and engaging narratives in every discussion she facilitates.

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