Samantha Moyo

Samantha Moyo Keynote Speaker

  • Founder of Morning Gloryville and Wellness Pioneer
  • Leading motivational speaker and facilitator
  • Spoken-word artist, Mystic Moyo

Samantha Moyo's Biography

Samantha Moyo is a social entrepreneur, changemaker, spoken-word artist, motivational speaker and Founder of Morning Gloryville.

Sam founded Morning Gloryville, the global wellness movement that pioneered sober morning raving, in 2013. The movement provides joyful and playful mental health support to millions of people across the world, and since its inception, the number of people embracing “conscious clubbing” has increased significantly. Under Sam’s leadership, Morning Gloryville toured 23 cities and grew unto a community of over 200K people.

As a social entrepreneur, Sam is focused on community building, innovation and culture change. She is passionate about helping people to live, work and express unapologetically. Sam is a thought leader in the wellness industry, and is interested in bringing the topics of diversity, climate change and LGBTI to the forefront of conversation.

Sam is a spoken-word poet, known as Mystic Moyo. She is an accomplished artist and has worked alongside Basement Jaxx, Roger Sanchez and Mark Knight.

As a speaker, Sam has worked with leading brands and incorporated dancing during conferences at Heineken Innovation Week, Google, ITV and Unilever.

She has delivered two TEDx talks and has walked the front-line with movements such as Me Too, Pride and BLM. She delivers high-impact, energetic sessions that inspire fresh thinking and togetherness.

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Samantha Moyo's Speaking Topics

  • Social Innovation

This focuses on seeing commonalities in humanity, breaking free from labels and echo-chambers and finding the power of mysticism in uncertain times.

  • Resilience

Sam discusses using rituals for authentic expression, how to create regenerative culture in the workplace, and wellness from a Queer perspective.

  • Culture Change

Sam discusses the power of playfulness in the workplace, how managers and leaders can create cultures of authenticity and belonging in the workplace and the principles of regenerative culture.

  • Personal Stories

In this session, Sam shares the lessons she learnt from building a global wellness movement. She talks about why she feels more empowered without the labels of race, gender, disabilities, etc. and allowing the different parts of herself to be seen.

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Videos of Samantha Moyo

Deepen Your Understanding of Decolonisation | Samantha Moyo | TEDxBrighton
Deepen Your Understanding of Decolonisation | Samantha Moyo | TEDxBrighton
Samantha Moyo | Community Building For Conscious Brands
Samantha Moyo | Community Building For Conscious Brands
Wall Street Journal | Morning Raves Let You Dance Into the Work Day
Wall Street Journal | Morning Raves Let You Dance Into the Work Day
Dazed | The first and second gen immigrants fighting climate change
Dazed | The first and second gen immigrants fighting climate change

Articles, Media & Podcasts

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