Samantha Clarke Keynote Speaker

  • Changemaker and Happiness Consultant
  • Teacher of Guardian Masterclasses and lecturer at The School of Life
  • Expert on work happiness, culture and relationships

Samantha Clarke's Biography

Samantha Clarke is a coach and advisor to founders, leaders and all those who manage people, on how to navigate the impact of technology on happiness at work, elevate emotional intelligence and build company culture, relationships and environments that support, retain and attract happy employees and teams.

Samantha’s passions are a melting pot of psychology, philosophy, technology, happiness, wellbeing, cultures and people. It’s her mission to help companies and individuals by giving advice on the small things they can do to make a big difference. She loves to join the dots, be a catalyst for great ideas and support & inspire change.

Samantha can untangle sticky issues such as defining values and visions, crafting a ‘happy’ employee journey, cross-cultural, communication and relationship building issues across technology, company culture design and conflict resolution to promote greater change and growth. I believe that building great businesses starts from the top and then a willingness to co-create with employees to design a more conscious, happier approach to work.

Samantha has delivered Guardian Masterclasses, and is a faculty lecturer at The School of Life. She inspires individuals to make changes in diverse areas like; authentic leadership, managing stress, realising your potential, enhancing communication at work, presentation psychology, happiness at work, increasing emotional intelligence and confidence building.

You can also find her commentating on work happiness, relationships, culture, new-age People operations/HR, confidence and leadership in publications such as Changeboard HR magazine, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, BBC 1Xtra, Evening Standard, Psychologies and City AM.

Her new book and revolutionary movement, “Love It Or Leave It – How To Be Happy At Work” explores the way to match the fire inside an individual with work, creating a new kind of work happiness. With the aim to create a culture of happiness and growth, her work is translated into her talks that discuss how an employee can be enabled and empowered to proactively identify internal moves that are better skills and strength match to them, carefully consider opportunities that they might not be spotting in their current role, networking and up-skilling. She has run this talk for global companies, such as Nespresso and BP. Additionally, she helps companies who are downsizing, making cuts or have just merged, helping employees with internal mobility and finding the best solutions.


Speaking Topics

  • Creating a culture of happiness and growth
  • Asking the individual who they are at work, and why being themselves is good within business
  • Finding the Meaning and Purpose at Work/Supercharging employee’s purpose and career conversations
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Videos of Samantha Clarke

Workforce Management Day 2019
Workforce Management Day 2019
About Samantha
About Samantha

Books by Samantha Clarke

Love It Or Leave It

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