Ross Welford Keynote Speaker

  • Bestselling, award-winning, author of books for children
  • Former television producer on high-profile British shows
  • Member of The Magic Circle

Ross Welford's Biography

In 2016, Ross Welford’s first book for children, Time Travelling With A Hamster became an instant bestseller, won several awards and was shortlisted for countless others. It propelled him to the forefront of the highly competitive world of children’s publishing. He has published a book every year since, and his work features prominently in school libraries and reading programmes both in the UK and abroad.

Ross’s books are enjoyed equally by boys and girls of nine and older – and many adults too! They have been translated into sixteen languages, including Hebrew, Chinese and Korean.

Ross talks enthusiastically and engagingly on the challenges and rewards of becoming a new author in middle age, on discovering “the muse”, and how pretty much anybody can increase their chances of writing a successful book by following some simple advice.

Ross has a lifelong interest in magic – the conjuring type, not the mystical type – and enjoys devising and performing tricks which illustrate the magical ideas in his stories. He was a street magician in his teens, performing his act (with the aid of A-level French) in Paris and Nice. In 2019 he was admitted to the prestigious Magic Circle.

An early career in magazine journalism led to work in television in the 1990s and 2000’s. He produced popular shows such as Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast, and ITV’s This Morning with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan. His magical knowledge garnered him work on Channel 4’s Magick and Sky TV’s long-running Max Magic.

Ross’s books have been described as “awesome” (the Observer), “gripping” (The Guardian) and “intelligent, well-crafted and impressive” (The Sunday Times). They are, however, hard to classify. Part science-fiction, part fantasy, his stories typically take a “magical” idea (invisibility say, or immortality) and allow it to play out in a contemporary setting.

When not writing, Ross tours schools and literary festivals in the UK and abroad, inspiring a love of reading and writing. He lives in London with his wife, teenage children and border collie.

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