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Roger Bootle speaker

Roger Bootle

speaker location icon London, UK

One of Europe’s most respected economists

Winner, 2012 Wolfson Economics Prize

Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Treasury Committee

Roger Bootle is chairman of Capital Economics, one of the world’s largest independent macroeconomics consultancies, which he founded in 1999. Roger is also an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. He was formerly Group Chief Economist of HSBC and a Visiting Professor at Manchester Business School. Under Chancellor Kenneth Clarke he was appointed to the Government’s panel of Independent Economic Advisers, the so-called “Wise Men”.

From 1997 to 2017 he was a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee. In 2012, Roger was named Economics Commentator of the Year and, together with a team from Capital Economics, he won the Wolfson Prize, the second biggest prize in Economics after the Nobel. Roger Bootle studied at Oxford University and then became a Lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Most of his subsequent career has been spent in the City of London.

Roger has written many articles and several books on economics. His latest book, Making a Success of Brexit and Reforming the EU, is the 4th edition of The Trouble with Europe. This book follows The Trouble with Markets and Money for Nothing, which were widely acclaimed. His earlier book, The Death of Inflation, published in 1996, became a bestseller and was subsequently translated into nine languages. Initially dismissed as extreme, The Death of Inflation is now widely recognised as prophetic. Roger is also joint author of the book Theory of Money, and author of Index-Linked Gilts.

Our Comment

"Roger has a long and distinguished record of successful forecasting of major events and market movements, often in contrast to the prevailing orthodoxy of the time. Greatly respected in his field, he has practical experience of economics in business and policy making. A highly effective and witty communicator, he is a hugely experienced speaker at business gatherings around the world."

The AI Economy


Extraordinary innovations in robotics and Artificial Intelligence
promise to transform our lives. But will these changes be for the
better or for the worse? In The AI Economy, acclaimed economist
Roger Bootle offers the geeks and enthusiasts a reality check and, for
the ordinary reader, a surprising, but enjoyable and readily
understandable guide to the future.


Bootle brings a unique perspective to the questions posed by the
Robot Age. He is no stranger to controversy and has a long record
of making startling calls about major events and developments
that subsequently turn out to be right. Yet again in this book he
upsets the applecart and challenges the conventional wisdom.

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