Rob Lilwall Keynote Speaker

  • Singapore-based National Geographic Adventurer
  • Sought-after motivational speaker and author

Rob Lilwall's Biography

Rob Lilwall started his career as a geography high-school teacher in England. But after his transformational expeditions, he is now a sought-after keynote speaker with two books and two National Geographic TV shows.

His first big expedition, Cycling Home From Siberia, was a three-year, 50,000 km bicycle ride from the far edge of Siberia to London, via Papua New Guinea, Tibet and Afghanistan. On the way, he camped at minus 40, hitch-hiked by boat from Hong Kong to Australia, and cycled over the Himalayas.

Rob’s second major expedition, Walking Home From Mongolia, was a six-month, 5,000 km walk from Mongolia to Hong Kong, through the heart of China. This included walking across the Gobi Desert in winter, along parts of the Great Wall, and down the banks of the frozen Yellow River.

His latest and hardest expedition was a 71-day, solo walk across the notorious Taklamakan Desert in China. This involved hauling a home-made cart laden with water for 1,000km, crossing giant dunes, and swimming swollen rivers.

Despite all the challenges he has been through, Rob Lilwall has not turned into a super-tough guy. But he has learned the difference a good mindset can make. He has learned that our abilities are not fixed, and that we can grow in many ways, including to become more positive, courageous and resilient.

As a passionate believer in our ability to grow and adapt, Rob Lilwall is continually looking to push outside his comfort zone, and grow through whatever new challenges come his way. This may be through his speaking, his writing, or through his expeditions.

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Rob Lilwall's Speaking Topics

Developing Resilience

Adapting to Change

Staying Positive

Nurturing a Growth Mindset

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Videos of Rob Lilwall

Rob Lilwall, Singapore-based Nat Geo Adventurer and Motivational Speaker
Rob Lilwall, Singapore-based Nat Geo Adventurer and Motivational Speaker

Comments & Testimonials

We have had many conferences, and many after-dinner speakers, and without doubt Rob Lilwall was one of the very best.
Macquarie Capital

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