Rick Grimaldi Keynote Speaker

  • Attorney, Talk Show Host, and Media Guest
  • Author of the highly regarded new book "Flex: A Leader’s Guide to Staying Nimble and Mastering Transformative Change in the American Workplace"
  • One of the top labor lawyers in the United States, serving as a partner at Fisher Phillips, LLP

Rick Grimaldi's Biography

Rick Grimaldi is the leading “go-to” guy for CEOs, corporate board members, and consulting firms around the United States on issues relating to the reemerging and future American workplace.

Rick is also the author of the highly regarded new book Flex: A Leader’s Guide to Staying Nimble and Mastering Transformative Change in the American Workplace. The book helps employers, large and small, to better understand the changes occurring in American companies and how they can prepare their workforce for today and beyond, including how to create a purposeful workplace to better attract and win talent, and succeed in a demanding and competitive world.

Rick Grimaldi is among the top labor lawyers in the United States, serving as a partner at Fisher Phillips, LLP. Rick practices out of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., advising some of the leading companies in the nation on labor issues. His expertise is widely sought-after by clients and companies of all sizes.

Rick is also a recognized expert on COVID-19 as it relates to issues in the workplace. He serves on his law firm’s COVID-19 task force, a team of attorneys with various concentrations in the law who advise employers on the many workplace legalities, pitfalls, and opportunities in post-pandemic America.

In addition to being a practicing attorney at the forefront of COVID-19 workplace issues, Rick Grimaldi is an experienced talk show host and media guest. He will likely be among your most dynamic, engaging, entertaining, and informative guests on the extremely important topic of getting America back to work.

Rick has the ability to take often very complex issues and break them down into everyday English in terms we can all understand and in a way your audience is seeking this information.

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Rick Grimaldi's Speaking Topics

  • The Purpose Driven Workplace and the New American Capitalism

  • Back in Business: Navigating talent after the Great Resignation

  • 13 Trends Leaders Must Recognize to Win the War for Talent

  • AI is Reshaping the Business Landscape in Powerful New Ways

  • Are You Ready for the Ever Evolving World of Work?

  • Flex: Navigating Disruption & Embracing Change

  • Flexing to the Future, 13 Trends

  • Generations X, Y and Z Are On the Rise in the Workforce…But Baby Boomers Aren’t Going Anywhere

  • The Future of Work

  • The Gig Economy is Growing at an Unprecedented Rate…and Disrupting Business as Usual

  • The Great Resignation – How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Workplace

  • The Sky is Falling!!!! What Now? Crisis Management

  • W@#K! – Why Has it Become a “Four Letter” Word?

  • Work from Home Appears to be Here to Stay…and It Could Be Paving the Way for Work from Anywhere

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