Richard Brubaker Shanghai, China

  • Managing Director, Collective Responsibility (2009-present)
  • Visiting Professor of Sustainability, China Europe International Business School (2009-present)
  • Vice Chairman, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai (2012)


TEDxWanChai (2012)
TEDxWanChai (2012)
Dynamics of Sustainability - The Big Four Questions (2013)
Dynamics of Sustainability - The Big Four Questions (2013)
Social Innovation for Business (2013)
Social Innovation for Business (2013)


Richard Brubaker is focused on building platforms that promote long term organisational capacity to address the economic, environmental and social hurdles that China faces as the country’s economic growth accelerates. He currently serves as Managing Director of Collective Responsibility and is a Visiting Professor of Sustainability at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

Driven by the belief that change begins with a single step, Richard Brubaker has spent the last 15 years in Asia working to engage, inspire, and equip those around him to take their first step. To date, Brubaker has overseen the development and execution of more than 200 projects focused on solving the social, environmental and economic challenges that are faced in Asia.

As one of Asia’s most prominent keynote speakers on the issues of CSR, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship, Richard has been interviewed by more than 50 media outlets, including: CNN, CNBC, BBC, New York Times, Financial Times, China Economic Review, Inc., Fast Company, and the International Herald Tribune.

He has served as the Vice Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee with the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for five years, is an Asia representative for the Thunderbird Global Council, board member of numerous social enterprises, and advisor to Net Impact Asia.

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