Raoul Ruparel Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on Eurozone political risk
  • Head of Economic Research, Open Europe (2011-present)
  • Contributing writer, Forbes (2014-present)

Raoul Ruparel's Biography

Raoul Ruparel is Head of Economic Research for Open Europe (OE), the leading think-tank calling for reform of the European Union. Over the past few years he has led OE’s research into the Eurozone crisis, helping to advise governments and corporations on how to deal with the crisis as well as the potential institutional and regulatory response.

His research has focused on the European Central Bank and the monetary policy response to the crisis, as well as on the series of eurozone bailouts in the periphery countries. He has also worked extensively on issues surrounding EU trade and economic prosperity, as well as leading OE’s research into the Ukraine crisis, and the ensuing sanctions placed on Russia.

Roaul appears regularly on CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg and Sky News, and has written for the Financial Times, Telegraph and Wall Street Journal. He is a contributing author for Forbes magazine, writing on the Eurozone, EU issues, macroeconomics and central banks.

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Videos of Raoul Ruparel

On Russia's Economic Crisis (2014)
On Russia's Economic Crisis (2014)
Analysis of Greek talks (2015)
Analysis of Greek talks (2015)

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