Quentin Letts Keynote Speaker

  • Parliamentary Sketchwriter, Daily Mail
  • Won “Critic of the Year”, British Press Awards 2010
  • Well-known acerbic centre-right commentator

Quentin Letts's Biography

Quentin Letts is the Daily Mail’s parliamentary sketch writer. He is also the paper’s theatre critic and appears on television programmes such as This Week, Newsnight, Have I Got News For You and Question Time. In addition, Quentin is a regular guest on ITV’s This Morning, and presents the annual BBC Radio 4 series, What’s The Point Of?

Quentin is a prolific journalist. He was New York correspondent for both The Telegraph and The Times, wrote the Daily Telegraph’s diary column for many years and has been a parliamentary observer on and off since the downfall of Mrs Thatcher (he claims not to have been responsible but not everyone is convinced). He was lured to the Daily Mail by Editor Paul Dacre to revive parliamentary sketches in the paper and has been one of the chief tormentors of our political class both in Parliament and beyond.

John Prescott, Alan Titchmarsh, Church of England prelates, BBC weather forecasters: all these and more have felt the ire of his pen. Quentin has had an enviable eyrie in the gallery of British life and recounts his meetings with the famous, while denouncing them in vivid terms.

He has written three books, including his acclaimed book “50 People Who Buggered Up Britain”, which reached number 3 on the Independent’s politics & current affairs best-seller list. Quentin was at university in Kentucky and at Trinity College, Dublin where he edited a number of publications, including the satirical Piranha.

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Videos of Quentin Letts

Conservative conference round-up (2013)
Conservative conference round-up (2013)
"Ralph Miliband claims are defendable" (2013)

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