Professor Ellen Meade Keynote Speaker

  • Research Professor of Economics
  • Former Senior Adviser in the Division of Monetary Affairs
  • Former Special Adviser to the Fed Board of Governors and Vice Chair Richard Clarida

Professor Ellen Meade's Biography

Professor Ellen E Meade is a highly acclaimed Research Professor of Economics at Duke University and a sought-after speaker on a range of topics related to monetary policy, central bank accountability, decision-making, transparency, and communications.

Prior to joining Duke, Ellen served as a Special Adviser to the Fed Board of Governors and Vice Chair Richard Clarida, as well as Senior Adviser in the Division of Monetary Affairs. During her time at the Fed, Ellen played a key role in the development of the Federal Reserve’s new framework for monetary policy and the Fed Listens initiative in 2019 and 2020. Her work primarily focused on monetary policy and communications.

In late 2021, Ellen left the Fed and began advising private-sector financial institutions on economic and policy outlooks. With her extensive knowledge of central bank independence, transparency, and accountability, she has become a sought-after advisor for financial institutions.

Ellen’s current research interests include monetary policy, central bank accountability, decision-making, transparency, and communications. As a Research Professor of Economics at Duke University, Ellen continues to contribute to the academic community and share her insights with the next generation of economists.

Ellen holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University. She has also held several prestigious fellowships, including the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Fellowship in Monetary Economics and the Brookings Institution Economic Studies Fellowship.

Ellen is an active member of the economics community and has presented her research at numerous conferences and events. She has also published her work in leading economics journals, such as the Journal of Monetary Economics and the American Economic Review.

Ellen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her speaking engagements. Her engaging and insightful presentations offer audiences a unique perspective on the latest trends and issues in monetary policy and central bank operations. Whether she is presenting to financial institutions, academic conferences, or policy forums, Ellen’s speaking topics are always informative, engaging, and thought-provoking.

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