Preet Chandi Keynote Speaker

  • First woman of colour to complete solo expedition to the South Pole
  • Endurance Athlete
  • Captain in the British Army

Preet Chandi's Biography

Preet Chandi is an Captain in the British Army, Physiotherapist and Endurance Athlete.

Preet has always had a desire to push the human body beyond its limits and in January 2022, became the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition to the South Pole. Her success also makes her the third fastest woman in history. The journey took 40 days over 700 miles, during which Preet pulled a sledge full of her equipment and used specialist communication technology to send messages to her family and friends along the way. Her achievement has been widely praised including by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Currently serving as Clinical Training Officer in the Medical Regiment for the British Army, Preet maintains an extremely adventurous career. She has been deployed in Nepal, Kenya and South Sudan where she was part of a United Nations peacekeeping tour. In 2019, she ran a Marathon Des Sables (251km) across the Sahara Desert.

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Preet Chandi's Speaking Topics

•Mental resilience

•Overcoming boundaries

• Antarctic expeditions

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Videos of Preet Chandi

Polar Preet | Trekking to the South Pole | British Army
Polar Preet | Trekking to the South Pole | British Army

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