Pranav Mistry Speaker

Pranav Mistry Keynote Speaker

  • Computer Scientist, Inventor, Futurist and Visionary Innovator
  • Former President and CEO - STAR Labs (2012-21)
  • Founder and CEO - TWO

Pranav Mistry's Biography

Pranav Mistry is a visionary thinker, innovator, computer scientist and inventor with a different perspective on the world than most people. He uses his unique viewpoint to change the world for the better while inspiring global audiences with his insights into the future of technology. As a keynote speaker, his talks are always highly interactive, and he loves engaging audiences to get their thoughts and ideas on the future of technology.

In 2021, drawing on his passion for the intersection between artificial reality and the metaverse, Pranav founded TWO, a deep technology company specialising in creating engaging and interactive AI experiences.

Pranav is best known for his contributions and time spent at Samsung Electronics, where he completed a nine-year tenure. He joined the company in 2012 as Vice President before elevating to Global Vice President and Corporate Senior Vice President. When he parted ways with the organisation, he was President and CEO of Samsung Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Labs. Before Samsung Electronics, Pranav was employed by Samsung Mobile as the Head of Innovation. Before entering the Samsung family, Pranav worked as a Researcher for several prolific organisations, including MIT Media Lab, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Microsoft, NASA, and the Indian Institute of Technology.

Pranav is a global thought leader on the future of technology and has pioneered new ways to interact with computers and physical objects.
He pioneered the invention and design of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Mouseless, Sparsh, Quickies, and Blinkbot. His most recognised work is the revolutionary SixthSense, a wearable device that enables users to interact with the physical world using gestures and natural language.

His work has earned him much recognition, including in Time magazine, Creativity 50, GQ India, Popular Science, India Today and Asian Scientist Magazine. The World Economic Forum named him 2013’s Young Global Leader, and he was nominated for Forbes India’s Person of the Year. He’s also the co-founder of MistryLand, a small non-profit that funds and assists initiatives to protect nature and culture.

Pranav’s work focuses on the future of computing and how humans can interact with technology in more natural ways. As a public speaker, he hs addressed global audiences at key events such as TED, sharing his insights into the latest technological trends and conveying his passion for using design to solve complex problems.

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Videos of Pranav Mistry

The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology | TED
The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology | TED
Samsung Galaxy Gear | Samsung Unpacked
Samsung Galaxy Gear | Samsung Unpacked
Will to Skill: Inside the Innovator’s Mind | TalkXplore Session
Will to Skill: Inside the Innovator’s Mind | TalkXplore Session
Invention: Mouseless | An Invisible Computer Mouse
Invention: Mouseless | An Invisible Computer Mouse
Invention: Sparsh | Touch to Copy, Touch to Paste
Invention: Sparsh | Touch to Copy, Touch to Paste
Invention: Sixthsense | Wearable Gestural Interface
Invention: Sixthsense | Wearable Gestural Interface

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