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Peter Shilton OBE Keynote Speaker

  • Most-capped England footballer with two world records for his 30 year England World Cup games
  • Appeared in 3 World Cups, two European Cup finals and made over 1,000 appearances in competitive matches
  • Highly sought-after motivational and after dinner speaker

Peter Shilton OBE's Biography

Peter Shilton OBE is a goalkeeping legend and motivational speaker, specialising in global branding, marketing and sport. His international career earned him 125 caps, making him England’s most capped Footballer of all time and he is widely considered one of the top after-dinner speakers within the football circuit.

Peter’s career began at the age of 15, where he was an apprentice for Leicester City. He went on to debut as the youngest player for Leicester at just 16 years old in a match against Everton. During his 30-year career, Peter played for eleven English league clubs, appeared in three World Cups, two European Cup finals and made over 1,000 appearances in competitive matches.

Other career highlights include holding two world records for his 30-year England World Cup Games and winning the league title and two successive European Cups with Nottingham Forest. He was at the centre of one of football’s most iconic moments when Diego Maradona scored his infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal against him in England’s quarter final clash with Argentina in the 1986 World Cup.

Peter Shilton is known as the Architect of the Art of Goalkeeping and founder of all modern day goalkeeping training exercises. His theories came from an era where training didn’t exist. He is known worldwide and widely considered the world’s greatest goalkeeper.

He was awarded the MBE and OBE for his services to football.

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Videos of Peter Shilton OBE

Interview on Sport Kind (2013)
Interview on Sport Kind (2013)
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On premier league keepers (2014)

Books by Peter Shilton OBE

SAVED: Overcoming a 45-Year Gambling Addiction
SAVED: Overcoming a 45-Year Gambling Addiction (September 2021)
Peter Shilton book cover
Peter Shilton: The Autobiography
Goalkeeping in action (sport in action)
Goalkeeping in action (sport in action)
The Peter Shilton Story
The Peter Shilton Story

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