Peter Hopwood Keynote Speaker

  • Speaker Coach & TEDx Specialist
  • Worldwide Corporate Events MC & Presenter
  • Chair of WICMI's Communication Committee

Peter Hopwood's Biography

Peter Hopwood is a Speaker Coach, Virtual Speaking Specialist, and TEDx Coach. A storytelling strategist and confidence booster, Peter’s distinctive speaking topics encompass “Storytelling for Sales” and techniques to deliver impactful stories. Peter has empowered professionals worldwide throughout his illustrious career, guiding them in defining, crafting, and amplifying their narratives.

Peter’s dynamic roles include serving as a Story & Pitch Coach and a Storytelling for Sales Trainer. He also stands out as a worldwide Corporate Events MC & Speaker. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning 46 countries, Peter has physically worked in 43 of them, adding a global perspective to his expertise. His global footprint has seen him live in seven countries, and he’s currently based between the vibrant cities of London and Split, Croatia, seamlessly transitioning his services to the virtual realm through platforms like Zoom.

A dedicated professional, Peter travels extensively, aiding executives, leaders, founders, and teams in crafting and conveying engaging stories. Whether it’s amplifying their leadership presence or enhancing their persuasive connection, Peter’s coaching proves transformative. He has made an indelible mark, from bustling cities like Dubai and Shanghai to cultural hubs like Amsterdam and Berlin. His expertise takes professionals, from founders and CEOs to TEDx speakers, to new heights in confidence, storytelling prowess, and both physical and virtual stage presence.

Beyond coaching, Peter’s flair as events MC and Presenter is evident. His portfolio boasts of shaping some of the world’s most formidable tech events, engaging audiences from the Middle East to Asia and Europe to the US. He has managed and invigorated audiences at over 500 events throughout his career.

Peter serves as the Chair of the Communication Committee of the World Innovation and Change Management Institute (WICMI). This role and his experience across different continents reaffirms his position as a linchpin in the global speaking and coaching community.

Peter Hopwood is not just a coach but an architect of narratives, ensuring clearer stories resonate with the desired impact, adding value, clarity, and engagement to every idea. Whether you’re an executive, an entrepreneur, or a team aiming to refine your speaking style or gain investment, Peter’s expertise ensures you persuade with unparalleled impact.

His innate ability to captivate, engage, and inspire audiences, be it in a physical auditorium or a virtual platform, is unparalleled. Peter doesn’t merely deliver a message; he crafts a journey that resonates, influences, and leaves an indelible mark on his listeners. His vast experiences across continents infuse a global touch to every word he speaks, making him not just a speaker, but a storyteller of global tales. Whether it’s guiding the next generation of TEDx speakers or anchoring global tech events, Peter Hopwood’s speaking prowess is a testament to the power of words spoken with authenticity and passion.

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