Peter Hlavnicka Keynote Speaker

  • Venture Partner, R3i Ventures
  • Founder & CEO, Phi Ventures
  • Former Director of Brand Protections APAC, Fitbit, Director of Pricing at Blackberry, Director of IP Protection and Enforcement, Dolby

Peter Hlavnicka's Biography

Peter Hlavnicka is Venture Partner with R3i Ventures in Singapore, and Founder & CEO of Singapore based company Phi Ventures. He is a keynote speaker on supply chain and product security, including intellectual property strategy and brand protection, among other topics.

Peter founded Phi Ventures, a consulting practice specializing in IP Commercialization and Compliance, Brand Protection, Supply Chain Security and related services.  Previously, he was Director of Brand Protections APAC at Fitbit (Singapore), Director of Pricing at Blackberry in Waterloo Ontario, and Director of IP Protection and Enforcement at Dolby in San Francisco, California.

Prior to Dolby, Peter worked at Avaya and Nortel Networks, where he established and led global IP protection (incl. Brand Protection) and IP Licensing and Strategic Pricing. During his thirty plus years at these companies, his roles also included strategic pricing, contract management, sales and marketing, operations, and supply chain management.

He served as President and Treasurer of AGMA Global, a non-profit organization comprising leading hi-tech companies focused on IP protection in the technology sector.

He has written and spoken on a number of brand protection issues and contributed to numerous publications, including Business Week StateTech Magazine, ECN Magazine, and ChannelPro, among others.

He is the leading author “Protecting The Brand: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets” (published as Treatise by Law Journal Press, 2013) and an updated two-volume book published by Business Expert Press (BEP), “Volume I: Protecting The Brand: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets” (2021). His next book, “Volume II: Protecting the Brand: Busting the Bootlegs” will be released in 2022.  Mr. Hlavnicka is a contributing writer to two upcoming books, “Reputational Risks in Asian Century” and “Enhanced ERM: Best Practices”, to be published in 2022.

Mr. Hlavnicka received his MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, and his MBA from the University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business.

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Peter Hlavnicka's Speaking Topics

• Intellectual Property Strategy

• Intellectual Property Protection

• Supply Chain and Product Security

• Brand Protection, Best Practices:

• Grey Market and Anti-Counterfeiting

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Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Peter Hlavnicka

Peter Hlavnicka book cover
Enhanced Enterprise Risk Management
Protecting The Brand: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets (2013)
Volume I: Protecting The Brand: Counterfeiting and Grey Markets (2021)
Volume II: Protecting the Brand: Busting the Bootlegs (2022)

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