Pete Cooper U.K.

  • Former Royal Air Force fast jet pilot
  • 12th on a list of global leaders in Cybersecurity
  • Senior Fellow at the Cyber Statecraft Initiative of the Atlantic Council


Aviation Cybersecurity
Aviation Cybersecurity


Pete Cooper was the first strategic cyber operations adviser to the UK Ministry of defence and is now a trusted adviser at the forefront of cyber security working at a global level with UN organisations, governments, multinational corporations and hackers.

An experienced speaker at any scale and to any audience, his work at the forefront of international cyber security has seen him shape global cyber security strategy for 193 nations, advise the International Committee of the Red Cross on how to minimise risk to civilians during cyber conflict and lead cyber security workshops at the World Economic Forum.

As the lead for the Aerospace Village charity he has also been instrumental in creating collaborative partnerships between the hacker community and industry, particularly in the hugely complex and safety critical aerospace sector. This sees him working with global manufacturers, regulators and hackers to build positive relationships that increase understanding of risk and build resiliency.

This work is reaching new highs in 2020 as he and a team including the US Air Force, DARPA and industry, conduct the first ever open hacker competition focussed on satellite cyber security and incorporating an in-orbit satellite.

Pete is the founder and director of the UK’s only student cyber strategy competition. His passion for inspiring the next generation of cyber security leaders and increase diversity has brought together universities, industry and government leaders and led to changes in UK cyber skills policy.

Pete is also a Senior Fellow at the Cyber Statecraft Initiative of the Atlantic Council and a Senior Research Fellow at Kings College University working on complex cyber security collaborations.

Prior to his cyber security career, Pete was a Royal Air Force Fast Jet pilot and instructor with operations both on the ground and in the air.

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