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Pedro Pimenta Speaker

Pedro Pimenta

speaker location icon Florida, USA

Quadrilateral Amputee and mentor to other amputees

Best-Selling Author, "Superar é viver" (2014)

Inspires people all around the world with his keynote talks in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Pedro Pimenta is a 25 year-old international speaker, best-selling author, and mentor to other amputees. He has inspired people all around the world with his keynote talks in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

A typical teenager in Brazil, Pedro studied and participated in sports with his friends. He enjoyed an extensive social life and healthy lifestyle until, suddenly, he began to feel sick on September 11, 2009. No one will forget where they witnessed the tragic events of September 11th, but this day is particularly emotional for Pedro and his loved ones as he was admitted to the hospital to fight for his life.

Pedro had contracted a fatal form of meningitis that soared through his bloodstream. With slim chances that he would survive, nearly one hundred of his closest friends and family took turns saying their goodbyes. Miraculously, Pedro left the hospital alive six months and two comas later, but in exchange, had all of his limbs amputated above the elbows and knees.

People destined him to a life in the wheelchair, saying that no other amputee in his situation had successfully lived a life on prosthetics. Although frightened by this discouragement, Pedro knew that he did not want to spend the rest of his life with a wheelchair by his side.

He sought advice and guidance wherever it was available, determined to live independently. Just ten months after leaving the hospital, the strength he never knew he had emerged and he gave up the wheelchair never to sit in one again. He also managed to finish a 5k Triathlon race, go back to one of his old passions, snowboarding, and drive an unadapted vehicle.

Today, Pedro Pimenta, 25, lives independently in Florida while he finishes his bachelors in Economics at the University of South Florida. An international speaker, best-selling author, and a mentor to other amputees, he has inspired people all around the world with his keynote talks in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Some of Pedro’s previous clients are: TED, Google, Novartis, Ronald McDonald House, Hanger Clinic, Valmont, and more.

Our Comment

"Pedro is an inspirational speaker, and mentor for other amputees. As a quadrilateral amputee, he inspires others to see the strength that exists in us all, and demonstrates that we all have the power to overcome any situation in life."

Enxergar os limites é diferente de aceitá-los: Pedro Pimenta at TEDxUFPR (2013)

Google (2016)

[youtube https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AAIkpHw0Pik6wkA&cid=B692233DAD087529&id=B692233DAD087529%212910&parId=B692233DAD087529%212205&o=OneUp]

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