Paula Reid

Paula Reid Keynote Speaker

  • Round-the-world yachtswoman, adventurer and business leader
  • 3rd British and 14th woman to ski to the South Pole
  • Best-selling author, "Boat to Boardroom" (2009); "The 7 Racing Rules" (2012)

Paula Reid's Biography

Paula Reid is an inspirational speaker, adventurer, author and Adventure Psychologist. Combining these experiences with over 20 years’ in the business world, she gets under the skin of business objectives and then drives home the messages with intelligence and fervour.

Paula has achieved 118 things on her “Things to do Before She Dies” list. Notably, with two months notice and no sailing experience, Paula was a core crew member of the Global Challenge 2004-05: the “World’s Toughest Yacht Race.” Paula raced 35,000 miles the “wrong way” around the world in a race that lasted for ten months, including 187 days at sea; 75 days were spent in the notoriously freezing and dangerous Southern Ocean.

Having journeyed to over 64 countries around the world, other adventures include walking coast-to-coast across the UK, paddling down the Mekong, walking on hot coals, cycling across 12 countries, running the London marathon, trekking in West Papua and Kalimantan and kayaking the length of the Thames. She is now due to row across the Atlantic in 2021; rowing 3000 miles from the Canaries to Antigua, two hours on, two hours off, 24-hours a day.

Most recently Paula became the 3rd British and 14th international woman to ski the full distance to the South Pole. The trip involved pulling an 80kg pulk in one of the most inhospitable environments of the world; uphill all the way, she climbed 11,000 feet (3350 metres) with temperatures below -40°C plus severe wind chill and storms. A relentlessly tough expedition, Paula did this whilst suffering from a severe cold injury on both legs from day 7 of 46.

Paula has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is published academically in the Psychology of Sport & Exercise Journal. She has delivered a TEDx talk and is now writing an academic textbook for Routledge on Adventure Psychology. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

Together with her husband, Paula helps individuals and businesses thrive when dealing with change, challenge and uncertainty. They launched Adventure Psychology: Going Knowingly into the Unknown together, where they bring the beneficial mindset of adventuring, building flexibility, resilience and enduring performance into businesses. Speaking together, they bring their experiences of extreme adventure and survival against the odds, sharing their tips and tools and showing their audiences how they too can thrive in challenging circumstances.

Paula is a best-selling author, using her adventures as extreme case studies, referencing them to provide memorable and unique lessons, advice and practical exercises in high-performance leadership and teamwork. These include”Live Life to the Full (2017), “The 7 Racing Rules” (2012), “The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs” (2012) and “Boat to Boardroom” (2009).

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Videos of Paula Reid

Paula Reid - Speaker Showreel (2011)
Paula Reid - Speaker Showreel (2011)
TEDxCanaryWharf: "Live Life to the Full" (2015)
South Pole Film (2015)
South Pole Film (2015)

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