Paul Craven presenting

Paul Craven Keynote Speaker

  • Well-known industry speaker on Behavioural Science and Finance – a topic he describes as “understanding how real people make real decisions in the real world”
  • Specialist in influence, communication and sales skills
  • His interactive talks on biases and business include an engaging psychological perspective on how ‘our minds plays tricks’ - Paul is a member of the exclusive Magic Circle

Paul Craven's Biography

Paul Craven is a coach and consultant in the area of behavioural economics. His insights into how and why people make decisions allow Paul to talk on everything from markets to marketing.

Paul is particularly interested by the common behavioural traits seen in financial market bubbles, and his talks are full of historical examples and stories going back to “Tulipmania” in the 17th century up to the present day. One of his main themes is that people are not always as rational as they would like to think they are – and psychology is the key that unlocks the secret to improved chances of success in business.

Paul has developed his expertise over 27 years’ experience in the pensions industry, in both portfolio investment, business development and coaching roles. He retired from Goldman Sachs at the end of 2013 after six years with the firm, latterly as the Head of Institutional Business for Europe. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Paul worked at PIMCO Europe Ltd for four years, where he was head of UK Business Development. Previously, he spent seventeen years at Schroders as a portfolio manager and later as head of UK Institutional Sales.

He is an independent adviser to a number of institutional funds, including pension schemes.

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Videos of Paul Craven

Minds and markets:
Minds and markets:
Behavioural Finance: from biases to bubbles
Behavioural Finance: from biases to bubbles
Nudgestock 2016
Nudgestock 2016

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