Paul Armstrong Keynote Speaker

  • Leading Strategist and Author on emerging technologies, disruption, retail innovation & the media industry
  • Founder HERE/FORTH and TBD Conference
  • Featured on BBC, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Inc. and Reuters

Paul Armstrong's Biography

Paul Armstrong is a leading strategist, author and speaker on the future of technology, disruption, retail innovation, media industry, social and consumer technologies. Paul runs the technology advisory HERE/FORTH where he supports clients like PwC, Coca-Cola, O2, P&G, jkrGlobal and Omnicom to understand trends and how to sensibly apply emerging technologies strategically.

Paul is a trusted source for the FT, Wall Street Journal, BBC and others, when industry comment is called for, and currently writes for a number of publications including Fortune, Inc, Reuters, Cool Hunting and Courier. Previously, Armstrong regularly contributed to Forbes and wrote pieces for Wired, Entrepreneur and lots of others.

Paul’s book, ‘Disruptive Technologies’, offers organizations a distinct response to emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, nanotechnology and other external factors – such as the sharing economy, mobile penetration, millennial workforce, ageing populations – that impact on their business, client service and product model. ‘Disruptive Technologies‘ became a best seller on Amazon with pre-orders alone. He is currently writing his second book, to be published by Penguin due out in 2023.

Based on the framework in the first book, Paul founded TBD Conference, which was recently voted one of the Top 50 global technology conferences. TBD stands for Technology. Behaviour. Data. and is the one-day conference designed to inform, inspire, and challenge the way decisions are made in order to make the best choices possible during and after a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

Paul’s newsletter, What Did Amazon Do This Week (WDADTW), is a weekly updates on all facets of Amazon, including retail, technology, content and advertising. It is aimed at anyone with an interest in the world’s largest online retailer, and provides analysis, context and recommendations for business leaders wanting to create better strategies. Paul also launched and hosts nightly show ‘Mouthwash’ in Twitter spaces, in which he has unscripted, unedited conversations with a series of guests, ranging from New York Times bestselling authors to Silicon Valley royalty on topics such as Non-fungible tokens, Desert Island Tweets and more.

Paul is on the Board for Global Technology Advocates, and NED and a Founding Member of the Good Technology Collective.

Speaking topics:

  • The real ‘Future of Work’ presentation you need to know
  • Technology – what’s now, next and future
  • Disruptive leadership/businesses of the future
  • Emerging technologies (NFTs, IoT, AR/MR/VR, artificial intelligence, Audio/Spatial Rooms, robotics, quantum computing, biometrics)
  • How to push innovation through your company (TBD Framework)
  • How to be more curious (and why that’s key to your future success)
  • Rejecting defaults for a better strategy mindset
  • How to get people to do big things for/with you
  • How to future-proof your business for the next pandemic/major issue
  • How to really make change stick throughout your organisation
  • Consumer shifts/trends that are going to change how you do business
  • The Future of the Social/Media industry
  • Retail innovation – what’s next?
  • Amazon – the now, next and future of where the company is going next
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Videos of Paul Armstrong

Behind the Book: Disruptive Technologies
Behind the Book: Disruptive Technologies
How to reach #1 in the app store. | 10x10 with Michael Acton Smith of Calm
How to reach #1 in the app store. | 10x10 with Michael Acton Smith of Calm

Blogs & Articles

Books by Paul Armstrong

Disruptive Technologies: Understand, Evaluate, Respond
Disruptive Technologies: Understand, Evaluate, Respond

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