Nisreen Hasib Keynote Speaker

  • Founder and CEO of Signoff
  • Former Chief Operating Officer of Unbound
  • Member of the Women in Innovation (WIN) Advisory Council

Nisreen Hasib's Biography

Speaker Nisreen Hasib is the founder and CEO of Signoff, where she leads her team in developing a comprehensive ecosystem for the construction industry. This initiative ensures that building professionals have access to the necessary software tools to create safe, secure, and beautiful buildings.

A Yale University and Northwestern University School of Law alumna, Nisreen started her professional journey as a labor and employment lawyer. She played a crucial role in appellate litigation teams, notably in the team representing Benjamin Robers in Robers v. United States, a case presented before the United States Supreme Court during the 2013-2014 term.

Transitioning into the technology sector, Nisreen has gained recognition for her expertise in expanding and scaling venture-backed enterprises. Between 2017 and 2021, she served as the Chief Operating Officer of Unbound, the world’s first venture-backed sexual wellness brand. Under her leadership, Unbound grew from a subscription service with a few thousand subscribers to a globally recognized consumer brand, partnering with diverse retailers from Urban Outfitters to Neiman Marcus. In 2020, she earned a spot on the top 100 Ethnic Minority Executive Role Models list by EMpower and Yahoo Finance.

Before establishing Signoff, Nisreen was the COO of Doris Dev, a New York-based firm specializing in designing and manufacturing groundbreaking consumer brands. This included the in-house beauty brand Canopy, led by president Ali Webb (founder of Drybar), and the software platform Factored Quality.

Nisreen is an active member of the Women in Innovation (WIN) Advisory Council and sits on the board of the Riverside Language Program. Beyond her professional commitments at Signoff, she is a marathon runner and an avid reader.

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Nisreen Hasib's Speaking Topics

  • Product Development (Software)

- Understanding Your Company’s Job to be Done

  • Employee Development

- Creating a Culture of Experimentation, Honesty, and Kindness

- Developing Leaders Driven By Ownership

  • Operations

- Setting up E-Commerce Logistics in 5 Weeks or Less

- Scaling E-Commerce Operations

- Setting Up an International Supply Chain For Scale

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion

- Bringing Introverts to the Forefront

- Creating a Supportive Working Environment for the LGBTQ Community

- Creating a Supportive Working Environment for People of Color

- Creating a Supportive Working Environment for Women

- Creating a Supportive Working Environment for Caregivers

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