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  • Leading Innovative Business Speaker
  • Chairman of HR Congress 2019
  • Established author and creator of GarageThinkingTM

Nigel Barlow's Biography

Nigel Barlow is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, seminar leader, consultant, and author on Innovation and Disruptive Thinking. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters company in Europe, and currently runs his own consultancy in the UK.

Nigel has helped many leading organizations on every continent to create more innovative cultures. He is adept at working with multi-national groups, and his clients across industries include Apple Education, AbbVie, Baker McKenzie, Bristol Myers Squibb, Candriam, Clifford Chance, Danone, Hewlett Packard Printing, Lilly, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, Nestle, TetraPak, and Vodafone. He is a frequent speaker at ESMT in Berlin, Germany’s leading business school.

Nigel is researching and writing a new book, provisionally entitled Disruptor’s Mind. This explores the deeper meaning of disruption, applied not just to business, but also to personal development, the arts, science, and social change.

Previous books include Rethink – How To Think Differently draws on Nigel’s experience, successes, and failures. Whether you’re wanting to rethink your life situation, relationships, personal creativity, or a new business idea, Rethink is designed to provoke your creative self into coming up with the answer you already have inside you.

Rock Your Presentation – A New Guide To Speaking With Passion  was inspires the reader to give more engaging, passionate, and memorable presentations and pitches. ‘Rock’ is meant in the everyday sense of livening something up; insight is also drawn from the world of music to trigger emotional as well logical levels of speaking well.

Batteries Included! – Creating Legendary Customer Service (Random House). Successful service brands like Lexus have adopted his theme of becoming legendary for the experience they give their customers; Nigel helped them to win the coveted J D Power Gold Award in the UK. Tom Peters says of Batteries Included, ‘Nigel Barlow’s book is simple brilliant! Is there anything left to say about superior customer service? The answer is obviously a resounding ‘yes’. This book proves it!’

Inspiring Keynotes

 ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Disruptive Innovation’ are the words on everyone’s lips. So what room is there for creativity and initiative when algorithms, Big Data and AI seem to trump all human endeavours?

Working at the interface between the digital and human worlds, Nigel explores with leaders how to develop the qualities of personal and organisational creativity, as we inevitably become digital citizens. Technology companies like Apple, Gartner, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, as well as many others across industry sectors, have benefited from his insights on what to pack for the future – and how to stay sane in the gold rush to digitise everything.

Speaking Topics Include;

The Mindset of a Disruptor – What does it take to transcend convention, upend assumptions and adopt a possibility mindset? This talk explores what, and how.

Garagista! Innovation as Everybody’s Business –  Many of the world’s great disruptors were birthed in a garage. How do you bring this attitude and practice to bear on your greatest innovative challenges?

Digicare- the Customer Experience in an On-line World – Retaining the human touch in digital times – and applying it to the on-line experience you provide for your users and customers.

Millennial Mania – Managing the New Generation – There are over 80 million so-called ‘millennials’ in the USA alone and many millions globally. A generation with different values, expectations and attitudes towards work and technology. So how do we most effectively lead and market to this new cohort?

Future Curious – When the world is transforming and shaking beneath our feet, how do we find the time, space, and motivation to be curious about the new? Curiosity is the basis of creativity, so what are the tools to keep us thinking in fresh, and disruptive ways?

Inventing the Future – The Power of Creative Storytelling – a powerful workshop that will help teams create a future vision and plan through this narrative approach.

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Videos of Nigel Barlow

Invent Your Own Future | The HR Congress
Invent Your Own Future | The HR Congress

Books by Nigel Barlow

Re-Think: How to Think Differently
Rock Your Presentation
Batteries Included! Creating Legendary Customer Service

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