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Nicolas Sadirac

speaker location icon Paris, France

Founder of several new technology educational schools

Computer engineer and international hacking expert

Pioneer of new education methods internationally

Nicolas Sadirac is a French technologist and pioneer of “active pedagogy”.

Nicolas saw the standard educational model was failing to produce talent in technical fields. He realised this model needed to change. He wanted to implement a new learning philosophy to detect and promote talents from all backgrounds and meet current economic realities.

In 1999, Nicolas Sadirac launched Epitech, a computer science school advocating a new way of learning. Under his leadership, it established itself as the leading school of its kind in France. Following his experience at Epitech, he successfully launched web@cademie in 2011.

Nicolas’ initial forays into science education proved a new way of learning could work in the private sector. Now, he wanted to show the same results in the public realm. In 2013, he established the 42 school with entrepreneur, Xavier Niel. The unique school, operating without professors, is open to students between 18 and 35. Entry does not require any diploma or previous knowledge of computing science. Its peer-based teaching encourages diversity and confrontation of ideas. It develops skills such as openness, responsibility, autonomy, collaboration ability, co-creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

For five years, Nicolas Sadirac ran and developed 42 and its offshoots with internationally acclaimed success.

Still, Nicolas Sadirac believed he could do more. In August 2018, he launched 01 Edu System. This new undertaking aims to promote the very same recognized peer-learning methods on a wider scale.

He developed a new learning platform, offering added versatility and using modern technology. It is aimed at both young people and professionals seeking digital retraining.

Nicolas Sadirac holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California (UCLA – 1986) and a master’s degree in physics from Stanford University (1989). He graduated in systems, network and safety engineering at EPITA in 1992 and ran the systems, network and safety department of the school from 1995 to 1999. He also holds an MBA from HEC (2011).

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