Nick O'Sullivan Keynote Speaker

  • Former Royal Marines Officer
  • Leadership and Management Specialist
  • Founder of business training company, 'Mojave - Emerge Stronger'

Nick O'Sullivan's Biography

Nick O’Sullivan joined the Royal Marines as an officer in 2005 and spent the next 13 years wearing the Green Beret of the UK’s Commandos.  The journey included two tours of Afghanistan, two long deployments into the Arctic Circle, qualifying as a communications specialist and 4 years in the UK Special Forces Group.  He was also awarded an MBE in 2015 for the design and delivery of a key UK Defence validation event.

Nick has been involved with strategic reviews and the delivery of key UK Defence operational capabilities. His responsibilities in some of the most demanding areas of Defence exposed him to numerous other challenges, including those around business culture and the impact of both good and bad leadership.

Since leaving the Marines in 2018 he has qualified as a financial adviser, established his own leadership and management training business and supports a range of start-ups and SMEs.  He’s a huge believer in the power of great leadership to enable personal growth, to change lives and livelihoods and to address some of the greatest issues of our time, such as the climate emergency and a transition to a green economy.

Far from being focused on lessons from the military, Nick speaks with authority on the challenges that every organisation and leadership team will face.  From his work with one of the largest financial services businesses in the UK to his experiences supporting the leadership of SMEs, he has acquired experience which enables him to understand a broad range of perspectives.  It is this combination of perspectives that enables Nick to make his experiences relevant to any audience.

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Nick O'Sullivan's Speaking Topics

• The power of leadership

• The factors and impact of culture

• Ethics: Understanding the impact of your leadership and your business

• Dealing with imposter syndrome and mastering self-belief

• The true utility of strategy

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Videos of Nick O'Sullivan

Leadership In Business with Nick O'Sullivan MBE | MOO Coaching
Leadership In Business with Nick O'Sullivan MBE | MOO Coaching

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