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  • Keynote Speaker & Futurist
  • CEO and Co-Founder of Switch On
  • TV Host & Author

Nick Jankel's Biography

Nick Jankel is a thought-leader, author, international keynote speaker and ‘Transformational Futurist’.

Through his transformational leadership programs and over 20 years of experience advising organisations such as Nike, HSBC, and Unilever, Nick is a highly sought-after professional speaker whose life’s work is to ensure people have the tools they need to adapt to relentless change and have the mindset to transform their organisations and themselves.

As a transformation guru, Nick hosts his own global BBC TV series, is regularly interviewed by international media outlets and has advised both No.10 Downing Street and The White House.  Some of his clients to date include Microsoft, Vodafone, Novartis, LEGO, Google, NHS, M.O.D., Boots, BUPA, Schroders, Diageo, SAP, RBOS, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Unilever and The European Commission.

Nick spent several years with various organisations and in 2005 he founded Switch On. He is also the Chairman of pioneering sustainability consultancy FutureMakers and a Founding Fellow of The Academy of Professional Speakers.

Nick’s talks help his audiences  blast through the barriers that block innovation. He does this by sharing tools and thinking from Bio-Transformation Theory®. This is an innovation process for transformational results covering conscious, purposeful, creative, inspirational, collaborative and systemic leadership. He has inspired over 5 million people through TV shows, books, cutting-edge meditations and the ability to heal pain, shift baseline moods, think new thoughts and make and break habits as fast as humanly possible.

Nick’s pioneering ideas on transformation have been featured in The Times, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, and the Guardian. He has worked with top universities including Yale, Oxford, SciencesPo, UCL and London Business School, and his academic paper is in the top 1% of citations.

Speaking events to date include at the Aspen Ideas Festival, the tech mecca TOA (Berlin), Wisdom in Business (AMS), The Economist Summit (SF), The Financial Times Futures (LDN), CHRO Summit (LA) and SciFoo (Google HQ). Committed to systemic transformation as much as personal change, Nick has led systems change projects with organisations like WWF, Oxfam, FCO, NHS, Rockefeller, and Young Foundations and educated non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs across four  continents.

In 2014, Nick wrote Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive with the New Science & Spirit of Breakthrough, in which he discusses the challenges in thriving as individuals and as a world. With his 2018’s Spiritual Atheist: Reunite Science and Wisdom to thrive in life, love & leadership in the Digital Age, Nick lays out his science-based life philosophy and recounts key moments in his 30-year journey to forge the principles of spiritual atheism.

Nick holds a Triple First (summa cum laude) in Medicine and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University.

As a speaker, he is renowned for his insightful and enlivening talks that leave audiences feeling inspired and informed.  He talks about several subjects at the intersection of transformation, technology and commercial realities.

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Nick Jankel's Speaking Topics

• Leadership

Nick covers topics such as: Leading in Crisis & Complexity, Transformational Leadership, and Storytelling for Leaders.

• Innovation

Including topics such as: Disruptive Innovation, Innovation Drivers and Killers, and Innovation Mindsets and Cultures.

• Teamwork

Nick speaks about: High-Performing Teams, Resilience & Beyond, and Embracing Change.

• Purpose & Sustainability

Including ESG & Net-Positive Sustainability, Regenerative Business, Brands & Tech, and Business & Leadership Purpose.

• Futures

Nick is an expert futurist. He speaks about what to expect in the future regarding Talent/People, Society/Education, Business, and Work.

• The 9 Pillars of Next-Level Resilience

Underpinned by neuroscience, Nick makes this topic feel fresh and innovative but also accessible and actionable (for C-Suite right through to frontline workers).

• How To Deal With the New Hybrid Office

Managing high-impact teams in organizations where people work both remotely and in-office, exploring the core psychological needs people have and how to meet them as a manager/leader.

• Forging the Future of Work

Keynote on key trends and insights into how the future of work will be.

• The Transformation Mindset

In this neuroscience-led keynote, Nick expands on the 'growth mindset' and includes the importance of an 'innovation mindset', to demonstrate the benefits of the 'transformation mindset'. He empowers audiences to skilfully use different parts of their brain that will help them to adapt, change and innovate. The Transformation Mindset is also the start-point for rising to the constant challenges of our times: whether adapting to the hybrid workplace or dealing with climate change.

• The Opportunities In Hybrid Workplaces

More Wellbeing, Engagement, Innovation & Business: Nick demonstrates how to approach the challenges of the hybrid workplace to inspire innovation in teamwork, and to upgrade your teams' wellbeing, creativity and capacity to drive urgent change. He shares powerful tips on how to manage and lead hybrid teams, to ensure that people feel Situated, Stable, Supported and Significant.

• Sustainable innovation: From Compliance To Creativity & Exponential Value-Creation

Nick explains how to unlock exponential value and open up business opportunities  by pioneering transformational innovation processes for zero-carbon/decarbonization. Using business purpose and breakthrough thinking, he shows how to solve customer pain points driven by social and ecological breakdown.

• Sustainable Leadership: How To Lead The Change To A World That Works For All

Leaders have the power to lead the change so many want to see by crafting net-positive and regenerative business models. Nick shows how to "rewild" our leadership purspose, turn despair into hope and leave a sustainable legacy.

• Sustainability Storytelling: Engaging Stakeholders With Compelling Narratives That Transform

How to harness the power of storytelling to engage stakeholders in pursuing sustainable practices. Nick shares insights and a toolkit for turning resistors into supporters, and supporters into champions.

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Videos of Nick Jankel

Nick Jankel Showreel - Global Keynote Speaker
Nick Jankel Showreel - Global Keynote Speaker
The Future Of Business: How Enterprises Can Thrive In A Digital, Disrupted & Despairing World
The Future Of Business: How Enterprises Can Thrive In A Digital, Disrupted & Despairing World
Keynote Topic: Wellbeing At Work: Beat Stress and Build Strength In Teams
Keynote Topic: Wellbeing At Work: Beat Stress and Build Strength In Teams
 Become A Transformational Organization: Design For Agility Without Losing Stability   Keynote Topic: Wellbeing At Work: Beat Stress and Build Strength In Teams
Become A Transformational Organization: Design For Agility Without Losing Stability Keynote Topic: Wellbeing At Work: Beat Stress and Build Strength In Teams
The Transformation Mindset - Top Motivational Keynote Speaker Nick Jankel
The Transformation Mindset - Top Motivational Keynote Speaker Nick Jankel
LIVE - Innovation Culture Coding featuring Nick Jankel
LIVE - Innovation Culture Coding featuring Nick Jankel

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Nick Jankel

Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive with the New Science & Spirit of Breakthrough
Spiritual Atheist: A Quest To Unite Science And Wisdom Into A Radical New Life Philosophy to Thrive In The Digital Age
Now Lead the Change: Repurpose Your Career, Future-Proof Your Organization, and Regenerate Our Crisis-Hit World By Mastering Transformational Leadership

Comments & Testimonials

A WONDERFUL job today. People found your talk so inspiring. Someone I work with said “I feel seen this morning.” The talk was motivating, thoughtful, and so well delivered. THANK YOU!
Director, McCormick & Co
"I am 65 and have attended a massive amount of presentations all over the world but really NEVER was so captivated and interested as this morning at yours! You are astonishing the way you present, speak, stand, move, and transmit your amazing ideas! You are one of a kind! Bravo and many thanks for having shared your ideas”
Integraf 2022
"Great talk at ASDA house today, very thought provoking, timely and inspirational. Now reflecting and having a think about how I can get out of my box! It's a long time since a speech held my attention for the full duration - awesome!"
Senior Manager, ASDA
"Thank you so much for your brilliant keynote, it gave our participants so much to discuss. Being in “Create and Connect” Mode seems to have taken a life of its own as a reference point for our leadership. Exactly what we wanted. Our CEO has quoted your thinking to the global leadership team: “Please don’t wait for anyone to tell you what to do or to give you permission and, remember, you as our most senior leaders hold the keys to our future success.”
Oxford University
"A standing ovation! I am already sharing the insights with my leadership team. Thank you!"
CEO, Unilever Health & Wellbeing Division
"As a transformation guru, Nick's ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company."
Head of White House Office Of Innovation, Advisor to President Obama
“A very inspiring and thought provoking presentation."
COO, Astellas EMEA

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