Nic Miller Keynote Speaker

  • Leading Cyber Security Expert
  • Founder of Aedile Consulting
  • Former GCHQ Intelligence Analyst

Nic Miller's Biography

Nic Miller, a former GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) intelligence analyst and Chief Information Security Officer at one of the world’s largest hedge funds, Nic offers over ten years of experience and humble knowledge in the field of cyber security. As Director of Aedile Consulting (founded in 2017), a boutique cyber security consultancy that was founded to help startups and SME’s handle their security effectively, they provide clear and non-technical descriptions of the complex relationships between geopolitics, cyberwarfare and a core principle understanding of security. They aim to provide a clearer understanding for security risks to these companies.

Nic is undeniably an expert keynote speaker in the field of cybersecurity. As an exceptionally experienced and relatable speaker, Nic has been invited to speak across the world at cyber security events. He has also been interviewed by the BBC radio, discussing the security of the ‘Internet of Things’. His time spent working for the GCHQ ranged across the three main UK Intelligence agencies on issues from Cyber Security to Counter Terrorism. Nic was also invited to present at the UK Government’s flagship cyber security conference, CyberUK.

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Videos of Nic Miller

Common Mistakes & Getting The Basics Right - Aedile Consulting
Common Mistakes & Getting The Basics Right - Aedile Consulting

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