Neil Martin Keynote Speaker

  • Formula One Strategist
  • Former Head of Strategy at F1 Team Scuderia Ferrari
  • Pioneer in use of Data Analytics in Formula 1 Motor Racing

Neil Martin's Biography

Neil Martin is a Formula 1 strategist, data scientist and motor racing expert with a formidable motor racing career spanning over three decades. He is a highly prolific and respected speaker at industry conferences.

Neil is the Director and Founder of Random Logic, an analytics and consulting company founded in 2015 that uses learned experience and knowledge to deliver bespoke software, systems and solutions to various markets in motorsport and other sectors. With his world-class Formula 1 technology being used by most of the F1 grid. Neil also sits on the board as a Non-Executive Director of Equals Collective, a start-up studio.

Before forming Random Logic, Neil was Head of Strategy for Ferrari, which he occupied for four years from 2011. As a senior manager at the company, where he worked with Formula 1 World Champions such as Fernando Alonso, he was instrumental to Ferrari in overhauling the engineering team and its race operations. 

In 2007 Neil was headhunted by Red Bull and appointed as Head of Strategic Operation. During his three year tenure with the team, he adapted Red Bull Racing’s strategy and application software, which was a significant contributor to the team’s historic win at the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix. 

Before joining Red Bull, Neil demonstrated his idea for a Race Strategy project to McLaren Racing, who agreed to sponsor the idea. He began his motorsport career as an Operational Research team leader in 1996. Two years later, he revolutionised the Game Theory and Monte Carlo race strategies.

He completed his Master of Science degree at the University of Southampton in 1995 to complement the Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Computer Science degree, which he obtained from the same university a year prior.

Alongside F1’s most remarkable icons, including Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard, Neil is involved in Mark Gallagher’s F1 talents team as a highly-inspirational sought-after keynote speaker who brings a wealth of insight to speaking engagements.

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