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Dr. Nate Zinsser is the director of West Point’s Performance Psychology Program, the nation’s gold standard curriculum for teaching and training the mental skills that underlie excellence in any human performance – confidence despite setbacks, concentration despite distractions, and composure under pressure.

Dr. Zinsser has been the lead performance psychologist at West Point since 1992. He previously taught sport psychology at East Stroudsburg University and in the University of Virginia’s Continuing Education Division.

He was a Certified Mental Performance Coach with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology for over twenty years, and presents nationwide to university, professional athletic, and corporate groups.

Dr. Zinsser is the author of Dear Dr Psych, the first sport psychology guidebook for youth sport participants, six textbook chapters on building confidence, and an advice column to Sports Illustrated for Kids which ran for 5 years. He has been interviewed for sport psychology content by ESPN, the BBC, MSNBC, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Outside, Muscle Media, and Army Times.

Zinsser earned his doctorate in sport psychology from the University of Virginia, his master’s degree from Columbia University, and his bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College.  His sport psychology training is complemented by his experience as a state wrestling champion, elite level mountaineer, and lifetime practitioner of Japanese karate and meditative disciplines.

Read more about Zissner’s book, The Confident Mind. Now, for the first timeDr. Zinsser distills his research and years of experience, offering a fascinating guide to the science of confidence and providing readers with a practical, step-by-step program to best harness their belief in themselves to achieve success in any field. The Confident Mind is a complete guide to confidence: how to understand it, how to build it, how to protect it, and how to rely upon it when your performance matters most.

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Videos of Nate Zinsser

Mental Toughness Metaphor | Nate Zinsser | Keynote Speaker
Mental Toughness Metaphor | Nate Zinsser | Keynote Speaker
Playing in the moment - Nate Zinsser / West Point Motivational Talk
Playing in the moment - Nate Zinsser / West Point Motivational Talk
Nate Zinsser | Motivational Speaker
Nate Zinsser | Motivational Speaker

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