Naomi Shragai Keynote Speaker

  • Author of the critically acclaimed book, 'The Man Who Mistook His Job For His Life'
  • Regular contributor to the Financial Times on the psychology of business life
  • Business psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience

Naomi Shragai's Biography

Naomi Shragai is a psychotherapist who brings more than 30 years of experience to helping people who run organisations understand the complex dynamics of business life. Her understanding of the unconscious motivations behind people’s decisions and behaviour in the workplace has helped companies solve complex problems and often irrational behaviour that obstruct success.

For over 10 years she has regularly contributed to the Financial Times, where she writes about the psychology of business life. Her critically acclaimed 2021 book, ‘The Man Who Mistook His Job For His Life’, was nominated as one of the paper’s business books of the year. Lucy Kellaway was amongst those to praise Naomi’s work, saying, “Nobody understands the everyday madness of working life better than Naomi Shragai. This book should be read by everyone who ventures anywhere near an office.”  The book was also highlighted in a special episode of The Bottom Line programme on BBC Radio 4, presented by Evan Davis.

Aside from helping organisations, she speaks regularly about the impact our early lives and unconscious have on work and business. Popular themes she covers are the imposter syndrome and other anxieties, dealing with extreme (including narcissistic) personalities, managing conflict and overachievement – when it is helpful and when harmful. She also explores the darker sides of office life, such as paranoia and envy.

Naomi was raised in Los Angeles, where she graduated from the University of Southern California, and later moved to London where she completed her psychotherapy training at the Tavistock Clinic.

As well as appearing on radio and television, she also worked as a stand-up comic on the London Comedy Circuit during the 1990s. She brings warmth, intelligence and humour to any platform for a riveting conversation about what is really happening in the workplace.

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Books by Naomi Shragai

The Man Who Mistook His Job For His Life: How to Thrive at Work by Leaving Your Emotional Baggage Behind

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