Morry Morgan Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on developing new business in the Chinese market, and saving failing companies already operating in China
  • He has been living in Shanghai and Beijing since 2001 and speaks Mandarin
  • Author of ‘Selling Big to China’ by international publisher, Wiley

Morry Morgan's Biography

Melbourne born and Beijing-based Morry Morgan is the author of the internationally selling business book, ‘Selling Big to China – Negotiating Principles for the World’s Largest Market’ and CEO of Haufe Academy China, a division of Germany’s largest leadership development firm.

Morry has been working in the training and development industry in China since 2001, and has previously led his team to ‘Training Firm of the Year’ over two consecutive years. He has also been named ‘Asia-Pacific Business and Technology Report Business Leader of the Month’ and been ranked 14th Global Sales Guru.

Morry is an accomplished speaker, having delivered TEDx talks in China, with over 30,000 views. He’s also regularly interviewed regarding business in China and has been featured in the China Daily, Marketing Magazine, Business Insider, and SmartCompany.

Speaking topics include:

  • China
  • Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales
  • Negotiation
  • Start-up Culture
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Videos of Morry Morgan

The 5 Rules of Serendipity for Entrepreneurs
The 5 Rules of Serendipity for Entrepreneurs
TEDxHultShanghai: Unveiling the Dragon (2012)
TEDxHultShanghai: Unveiling the Dragon (2012)
China is so Black and White You Have to be Grey
China is so Black and White You Have to be Grey

Blogs & Articles

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