Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat Keynote Speaker

  • Former Chief Business Officer, Google X (2015-2018)
  • Motivational Speaker who is the founder of One Billion Happy
  • Author, 'Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy' (2017)

Mo Gawdat's Biography

Mo Gawdat is a leading global expert and entrepreneur in technology and innovation. He is Former Chief Business Officer for [X], previously Google [X], Author of ‘Solve for Happy’ and Founder of One Billion Happy.  Mo is an outstanding keynote speaker who has spoken to many corporate audiences.

Mo joined Google in 2007 to focus on his biggest passion; Emerging Markets. He is fascinated by the role of technology in enabling positive change in communities. Over 6 years, he started almost half of Google’s operations worldwide.

In 2013, Mo joined Google [X], the company’s infamous innovation arm, which develops new technologies to reinvent existing processes and deliver a tenfold – 10X – improvement. This included self-driving cars, Google Life Sciences and Project Loon; an ambitious attempt to use high altitude balloons to provide affordable internet access to the 5 billion people without an internet connection, amongst others.

Prior to working at Google, Mo headed the Communications Sector across Emerging Markets worldwide at Microsoft. He also worked for IBM Egypt, NCR Abu Dhabi and BAT.

Mo is a serial entrepreneur. Alongside his career, he cofounded over 20 businesses. He served as a Board Member for several technology, health and fitness and consumer goods companies and government technology and innovation boards in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He mentors tens of start-ups at any point in time.

In 2019, he Co-Founded T0day, a project that aims to reinvent consumerism for the benefit of the consumers, retailers and our planet. In 2020, Mo launched ‘Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat’, in which he explores the extraordinary lives of everyday people.

Mo Gawdat authored the international bestselling book ‘Solve for Happy: Engineering Your Path to Uncovering the Joy Inside You’ (2017). Through his 12-year research on happiness, he created an algorithm and a repeatable, well-engineered model to reach a state of uninterrupted happiness regardless of life’s circumstances, which proved highly effective. He and his family lived by it for a decade. In 2014, it was put to the ultimate test when Mo lost his son Ali. Mo’s mission now is to share these principles more widely and further the cause of happiness wherever he can, with the aim of reaching one billion people around the world as part of the #onebillionhappy movement.

Mo is represented by Chartwell Speakers for the following Speaking Topics:

  • Finding Silver Linings in the Face of Crisis – How do we stay happy in the face of adversity? Mo shares his secrets for finding silver linings, the predictable equation that happiness follows and how to turn this into practical actions.
  • Solve for Happy: The truth about happiness – An engineering approach to happiness based on his international bestselling book, ‘Solve for Happy’.
  • Solve for Happy at Work – How happiness affects work performance and how managers and HR managers can use this to improve employee happiness and company performance.
  • One Billion Happy: The Future of Technology, AI & Robotics – On the expected technological innovation that will follow in the next 10-20 years, including the ethical questions that science fiction-like reality will bring and Mo’s unique insight on this brand-new world.
  • The Illusion of Control (Solve for Happy) – Using a variety of methods, Mo busts myths around our concept of control, clarifies the downsides of control and lays out simple rules to help audiences progress further in life and work.
  • Innovation at Scale: The Principles of Moonshot Thinking – Mo shares the secrets from Google’s Innovation factory, [X], and the systematic approach used to foster innovation, and transcend the restrictive guidelines of any organisation.
  • The End of Sci-Fi – The correct approach to innovation in the 21st century when technology has made everything possible. What are the tech trends, and how can you capture the opportunity this provides
  • The latest innovations driving technological advances
  • Applying engineering techniques to create happiness
  • How innovation can solve the world’s biggest challenges
  • Technology trends in emerging markets and beyond
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Videos of Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat | INBOUND 2018
Mo Gawdat | INBOUND 2018
Mo Gawdat's call for a better world at UNLEASH America 2018
Mo Gawdat's call for a better world at UNLEASH America 2018
Join the Movement #onebillionhappy
Join the Movement #onebillionhappy
Hope & Happiness - with Mo Gawdat
Hope & Happiness - with Mo Gawdat
Mo Gawdat - Solve for Happy
Mo Gawdat - Solve for Happy
Mo Gawdat | The Illusion of Control | Talks at Google
Mo Gawdat | The Illusion of Control | Talks at Google

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Books by Mo Gawdat

Solve For Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy by Mo Gawdat (2017)

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