Mimi Nicklin speaking at an event

Mimi Nicklin Keynote Speaker

  • Internationally bestselling author, ‘Softening the Edge’ and empathy expert
  • Host, Empathy for Breakfast 365
  • Founder, first of its kind social education and inspiration platform, Empathy Everywhere

Mimi Nicklin's Biography

Mimi Nicklin is an experienced marketer and strategist and speaker on empathy and human understanding. She is an internationally bestselling author of ‘Softening the Edge’, Host of Empathy for Breakfast 365 and Founder of first of its kind social education and inspiration platform, Empathy Everywhere.

Mimi is an expert in connection and mutual human understanding. She works closely with organisations with the aim to fill the empathy gap and rebuild societies and businesses worldwide. She has over 15 years’ experience in marketing communications across 25 markets. She founded Empathy Everywhere, an educational and influence platform that offers empathy back to the world via a corporate and community training academy and an ‘Empathy for The Future’ Youth platform, with the aim to change the understanding and mindset of businesses across the world.

Mimi’s book, ‘Softening the Edge: Empathy: How humanity’s oldest leadership trait is changing our world’ (2020) was a bestseller in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UAE. The book examines how empathy and connection are this decade’s most valuable skillset.

She hosts The Empathy for Breakfast Show podcast which reached over 85,000 people in 2020 and has recently been voted top 5 podcasts in the UAE. The show examines the empathy gap worldwide and meets guests and thought leaders from multiple industries, from all over the globe, to discuss the future of connectivity, leadership, mental healthy and our world.

Mimi is a popular speaker for many organisations across the world. She speaks to the importance of empathy and human understanding in business leaders, as an antidote to the unprecedented levels of burnout, loneliness and anxiety that face the modern workforce and demonstrates how a lack of empathy in organisations can lead to under performance, low morale and high absenteeism.

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Mimi Nicklin's Speaking Topics

• The ROI of Empathy

• Is Empathy our Secret Super Power?

• The missing "E" in D&I success

• The unique bind between empathy and productivity

• Humanity's Key to Creativity

• Listen Your Way to the Top

• Why is the word of 2021 Empathy?

• Humanity's greatest leadership trait is all in your mind

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Videos of Mimi Nicklin

Are You a People Person? Bangalore Literary Festival LIVE
Are You a People Person? Bangalore Literary Festival LIVE
Empathy, Engagement, Emotion. Gitex Keynote 2020.
Empathy, Engagement, Emotion. Gitex Keynote 2020.
Mimi Nicklin, Bestselling Author Speaker Reel
Mimi Nicklin, Bestselling Author Speaker Reel
Newzroom Afrika Interviews Mimi Nicklin: Empathy & Our Future
Newzroom Afrika Interviews Mimi Nicklin: Empathy & Our Future

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Books by Mimi Nicklin

Mimi Nicklin book cover
Softening the Edge

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