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  • Author, keynote speaker, and proud former contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser
  • One of LindedIn's Top 75 Speakers to Watch Today
  • Ms. Michigan Plus America 2015 and Michigan Oakland County Executive's Elite 40 Under 40

Mimi Brown's Biography

For many in today’s corporate world, Mimi Brown is the messenger they’ve been waiting for.

With her passion for people, infectious enthusiasm for her message, and vibrant personality, she lights up every room. From the moment she steps out on the stage to the last lingering handshake, she is a powerful motivator for change in individuals, teams, and entire corporations. Mimi’s programs engage, entertain, and educate. They are born out of her own experience in the corporate world, where she started out as the lowest-paid employee in the building and worked her way up to a six-figure salary. She quickly learned to focus on what’s relevant to stakeholders, then determine what behaviors and new mindsets to cultivate. But her story does not stop there. Each time she steps before an expectant audience, Mimi embraces the moment. Her insights into diversity, equity, and inclusion drive true cultural transformation in your workplace. Programs on leadership elevate your team’s morale by building trust at all levels of your organization. She energizes sales teams with fresh strategies that get to the heart of their prospects’ wants and needs.

Mimi combines her business savvy with sharp insights into human behavior, a vivacious spirit, and well-honed speaking skills. Her sparkling sense of humor adds the cherry on top! Her programs go beyond the momentary connection. Rich with insight, they affect real change in her audiences. They have staying power. If you are looking to amp up your performance personally and professionally, Mimi is your go-to presenter. She ROCKS!

As of today, she is the author of three books: AMP Up Your Success: 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know, AMP Up Your Success: 71 Tips to Skyrocket Your Revenue, and Be a Communication Rockstar: 52 Tips to Gain Connection, Reduce Conflict and Skyrocket Confidence. Be sure to keep an eye out for more!

Her honors include recognition as one of LinkedIn’s Top 75 Speakers to Watch Today, Michigan Oakland County Executive’s Elite 40 Under 40, Ms. Michigan Plus America 2015, and a proud contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Mimi loves the work she does, but friends and family—including her snobby cats—come first. At the end of the day, she loves hanging out, swapping stories, stirring up favorite family recipes, and bribing the kitties with treats in exchange for snuggle

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Mimi Brown's Speaking Topics

  • Motivational Leadership Keynotes

We all know someone who is a “born leader”, that person who, as long as anyone has known them, has that something special which makes them stand out and be followed. Sure, there are proven strategies and techniques that work for leaders, even if they don’t have that something special. But there is also a way for you and your employees to actually develop your own something special and then use it to create a whole new level of success. So while there are countless resources for developing leadership and sales teams, there is only one Mimi Brown. Engaging. Funny. Real. Effective. Find out how she can teach and inspire your team members to become the trusted leaders who are followed, regardless of their position or title, but for their newfound ability to consistently connect, effectively motivate and appropriately empower those they wish to influence.

  • AMP Up Your Leadership: The "E's of Exceptional Emerging Leaders

Are you new to leadership or aspire to step into a leadership role? Do you feel overwhelmed on how to balance it all? Let’s face it, being an emerging leader is hard work. You have to juggle your work, your team’s performance, organizational goals, and customer-centric initiatives, all while still working toward your own career goals. It can be exhausting and seem nearly impossible to prioritize these daily tasks, even when you are a tenured leader. Know you are not alone, there is hope, and you can beat this challenge with the help of leadership development expert, Mimi Brown! She uses a mix of compelling storytelling, practical guidance, insightful anecdotes, and time-tested research to help you accelerate your leadership. This engaging and energetic keynote will leave you with: How to overcome the common leadership mistakes most emerging leaders make. The three essential elements that ALL exceptional emerging leaders need to master. Strategies to fast-track your performance, productivity, and potential.

  • AMP Up Your Success: Live Life L.O.U.D.

UP the volume on getting the results you want in life. The power to change your life is within your reach. With Mimi Brown, learn how to access that power. There is a secret to how to create your own reality. Access your greatest source for connecting your current reality with your desired dreams. Tap into the power of intention and focus during Mimi’s jammed-pack session. This dynamic and interactive presentation includes practical exercises that inspire and motivate participants to live the fulfilling life they want. By the end of this session, you will be able to: Discover the power of your thoughts, words and intentions, along with the path to taking action. Realign your thoughts and beliefs with your highest intentions. Explore and use the four key steps to accelerating your personal success. Discover your personal path of least resistance to your greatest well-being and success in ANY given moment.

  • ROCKIN' Your Leadership: The 3 Beats That Will Attract, Retrain, and Inspire Your Team

Music is a universal language that brings people together. What do you think of when asked to recall a time when you felt pumped up and inspired? What song comes to mind? Our connection to music is undeniably magnetic; it connects, inspires, and reminds us of our purpose, power, and potential. Exceptional leaders strive to do the same: to encourage, empower, and move people just like the melody of your favorite song. During this engaging, energetic, and impactful program, leaders will discover: The practical leadership lessons embedded in music and how to apply them to their personal leadership philosophy. How to ignite the song in others to attract, retain, and motivate them to reach their own personal greatness. How to strike the cord on the single employee engagement factor that will skyrocket engagement. The two important roles that every rock star leader must embrace to drive productivity and performance. From Mozart To Motown, Hip Hop To Heavy Metal, and Disco To Pop, Mimi uses a vast array of musical genres to illustrate the link between music and leadership. Combining her 20-year career as a professional DJ along with her in-depth experience as a Fortune 500 leadership development expert. Mimi creates a show-stopping experience by integrating a mix of music, humor and practical leadership insights to create an AMPED up experience for the entire audience.

  • Slaying The Demanding Dragons: How To Wow, Woo, and Win Over Hard To Please People

As a career professional, you work with many different types of stakeholders. Some can be delightful and even a dream to work with, making your job that much more enjoyable. On the flip side, there are some difficult stakeholders the ones that make you cringe when their name displays on your called ID as you prepare to listen to their outrageous specifications and odd requests. You can sense when things begin to go south with their short-snippy remarks, power poses, heavy sighs, and furrowed brows. It’s evident as the person becomes increasingly frustrated. Even though this can drain your energy and become more difficult to work though, you know you have a job to do, and it’s better to keep the relationship with your colleague even if you want to kick them to the curb. You still have a job to get done, right? So, how can you keep your difficult stakeholders and maintain your sanity? During this energetic and interactive presentation, you will discover: The types of difficult people and how to work with them. Client-centric communication skills to diffuse any tense situation. Find positive resolutions for challenging situations and how to end them on a positive note. Tips on how to manage job-related stress with ease

  • Own Your S.W.A.G. : Elevate Your Personal Brand So Others Take Notice

Would you like to be recognized as confident, poised, and powerful? Do you need to persuade others for part of your job? Do you need to command the room? As a professional, when it comes to advancing your career or business, doing a good job and mastering the craft are just not enough. You need a plan that helps to highlight your value, contribution, and expertise. Your personal brand and presence have a massive impact on how you are seen and respected by others. The ability to influence and get your ideas heard can make or break your career. This interactive, high-energy, hands-on, session, pulls back the curtain on how to create an image that speaks to the level of professionalism you need to power up your presence. After attending this session you will: Create a professional persona that conveys confidence and competence. Develop ways to adapt your personality style to successfully engage with others at all levels. Develop your own personal presence action plan. Learn how to stand out, gain recognition and enhance your professional credibility. Discover how certain actions, words choices, and even clothing selections adds or detracts on how others form their perceptions about you. Understand your preferred communication style and its impact on others. Network with confidence, anywhere and with anyone. Negotiate with more, poise, power, and comfort

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Videos of Mimi Brown

Mimi Brown Motivational Leadership Speaker Preview Video
Mimi Brown Motivational Leadership Speaker Preview Video
The Keys To Leading People
The Keys To Leading People

Books by Mimi Brown

AMP Up Your Success: 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know
AMP Up Your Success: 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know
AMP Up Your Success: 71 Tips to Skyrocket Your Revenue
AMP Up Your Success: 71 Tips to Skyrocket Your Revenue
Be a Communication Rockstar: 52 Tips to Gain Connection, Reduce Conflict and Skyrocket Confidence
Be a Communication Rockstar: 52 Tips to Gain Connection, Reduce Conflict and Skyrocket Confidence

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