Mike Bushell Keynote Speaker

  • Profiled nearly 400 different sports and activities on BBC Breakfast
  • Participated in "Strictly Come Dancing"
  • Covered major international sporting events, including the Olympics, Paralympics, and Football World Cups for BBC.

Mike Bushell's Biography

Mike Bushell stands out in the field of sports journalism as a unique and influential figure. His journey, characterized by versatility and passion, showcases his commitment to bringing sports closer to the public. Speaking on topics such as ‘The Unifying Power of Sports’ and ‘Finding the Right Sport for Everyone,’ Bushell’s story is both inspiring and engaging.

His career as a sports presenter for BBC’s Breakfast program is distinguished by his world record of profiling and personally trying nearly 400 different sports and activities, starting from 2006. This remarkable achievement is complemented by another world record for crossing a mile of water in a zorb, showcasing his adventurous spirit.

Bushell’s popularity soared after participating in “Strictly Come Dancing,” where he gained wide acclaim for his impressive performances. His journey on the show and subsequent tour across major UK arenas, including the Birmingham NIA and the London O2, brought him into the limelight, earning him a broad and dedicated following.

A keen sportsman, Bushell’s early life was marked by his active participation in football, cricket, and hockey. He notably excelled in cross-country running, embarking on a 175-mile charity run in the 1980s. His diverse interests led him to the National Youth Theatre, followed by a degree in theatre and television, shaping his early career aspirations.

Bushell’s path to journalism was unconventional. Initially pursuing acting, he ventured into journalism with local newspapers in Winchester. His career with the BBC began in 1990 at Radio Solent, eventually leading him to significant roles, including reporting for BBC South Today and presenting sport for BBC South.

A familiar face on BBC News since 1997, Bushell’s contributions extend beyond presenting sports bulletins. He has covered major sporting events like the Olympics, Paralympics, and Football World Cups, delivering insightful reports across various platforms.

Off-screen, Bushell is a dedicated family man, spending his leisure time playing football, running, and engaging in music and theatre. He cherishes moments with his wife, Emily, and three daughters, fostering a shared love for sports.

His book, “Bushell’s Best Bits,” offers a glimpse into his adventurous pursuit of discovering new sports, reflecting his belief that there is a sport for everyone.

His exceptional speaking capabilities further amplify his already impressive career. His ability to engage and captivate audiences, whether through television screens or in person, is remarkable. Bushell’s firsthand experiences, from setting world records to exploring a vast array of sports, enable him to speak with authenticity and enthusiasm that resonates with his audience. His talks, often filled with anecdotes from his diverse experiences, are not only informative but also deeply inspiring. Mike Bushell, with his dynamic speaking style, continues to motivate and encourage people of all ages to discover the joy and benefits of sports, reinforcing his status as a versatile and influential speaker in the world of sports journalism.

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