Mig Reyes Keynote Speaker

  • Led brand, design, and marketing at Basecamp.com (2012–2016)
  • First interactive designer for Threadless.com (2009–2012)
  • Thought leader, teacher, and speaker on creativity, culture, and design

Mig Reyes's Biography

Mig Reyes is a leading multidisciplinary designer working within the intersection of arts, marketing, and technology.

Mig’s illustrious design career stems from doing great work at innovative and unconventional companies. In 2009, he was brought on as the first interactive designer for Threadless.com, the t-shirt powerhouse that pioneered crowdsourcing as a business model. It was there where Mig practiced the art of turning unusual ideas into meaningful, valuable work.

In 2012, Mig then took his design and creative thinking to Basecamp (formerly known as 37signals), one of the original ground-breaking web-based software companies. Mig led brand and marketing projects at Basecamp, where he split his time designing software and crafting the marketing materials around it.

Mig is an engaging leader in the creative and web communities. He serves as a president for the AIGA in Chicago, the largest and oldest professional organisation for design. He also started the Chicago chapter of the wildly popular CreativeMornings breakfast lecture series, and spends time teaching and mentoring aspiring creative types.

From big conferences, tiny classrooms, to corporate stages, Mig frequently speaks about creativity, craft, design, and workplace culture. Equal parts humorous, inspirational, and informative, Mig encourages audiences to think differently—and more creatively!—about the way we work.

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Videos of Mig Reyes

Mig Reyes Speaking at CreativeMornings (2013)
Mig Reyes Speaking at CreativeMornings (2013)
KYN Jax |DES + DEV: Assemble! Event (2014)
KYN Jax |DES + DEV: Assemble! Event (2014)

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