Michael Gove Keynote Speaker

  • Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (2015-16)
  • Secretary of State for Education (2010–14)
  • Chair of the Campaign Committee, Vote Leave (2015)


Michael Gove is one of the most talented, and controversial, politicians in Britain.

Widely respected, and criticised, for his energetic commitment to radical reform in the name of greater social justice, Gove has been one of the most eye-catching politicians Westminster has seen in the last decade. His relentless drive and desire for change was recognised by the Spectator when he won their annual Award for Guerrilla Politics in 2015.

After beginning his career as a journalist at The Times, Michael Gove then turned to politics. He was first elected to the House of Commons in the 2005 as MP for Surrey Heath before being appointed to the Shadow Cabinet by his close friend Prime Minister David Cameron in 2007 as Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.

Following the formation of the coalition government in 2010, Michael Gove was appointed Secretary of State for Education. A fierce reformist, Michael set about implementing some of the most radical reforms to the teaching establishment in the history of education. He was described by James O’Shaughnessy, Former advisor to David Cameron as a member of ‘a small pantheon of Education Secretaries who have genuinely created change’.

By 2016 Michael Gove was leading the controversial Vote Leave campaign which successfully led Great Britain out of the European Union.  He was widely credited widely credited for masterminding the success of what was thought by many to be a highly unlikely victory at the turn of the year.

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Videos of Michael Gove

Michael Gove's speech on Brexit, rubbishes stay-in EU 'lies' (19Apr16)
Michael Gove's speech on Brexit, rubbishes stay-in EU 'lies' (19Apr16)
Michael Gove's Inspirational Closing Statement on BBC Question Time
Michael Gove's Inspirational Closing Statement on BBC Question Time

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