Merryn Somerset Webb Keynote Speaker

  • Editor-in-Chief of MoneyWeek and Personal Finance and Investment Commentator at the Financial Times
  • Acclaimed commentator, broadcaster and author
  • Author of "Your Money, Your Vote: Why the financial system should work for everyone: and how you have the power to change it (forthcoming 2022)

Merryn Somerset Webb's Biography

Merryn Somerset Webb is a hugely popular speaker and award winning acclaimed commentator on economics, financial markets and personal finance. She is Editor in chief of Moneyweek, the best selling financial magazine in the UK, and a contributing editor at the Financial Times where she has a weekly column.

Merryn is also the author of a sharp and witty women’s guide to personal finance: “Love is Not Enough: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Making (and Keeping) Money” (2007).    Her new book will focus on how shareholders can leverage their influence for good, to be released in January 2022.  It is called “Your Money, Your Vote: Why the financial system should work for everyone: and how you have the power to change it‘ (Short Books).

Merryn is a non-executive director of four investment trusts, Murray Income, Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon, and Blackrock Throgmorton, and of wealth management firm Netwealth. She is a non-executive adviser to the investment committee of UK platform Interactive Investor.

Merryn was a senior scholar at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, where she gained a first class degree in History and Economics. She then became a Daiwa scholar and spent a year studying Japanese at London University.

Speaking Topics:-

In her talks, Merryn can cover a variety of topics across economics, social behaviour and cultural perceptions.

Where next for markets? With interest rates low and tech innovation high,  global markets have been led by exciting growth stocks for years. Can that last? And if not what happens next. And what of bond markets? If interest rates rise is the old 60/40 portfolio dead – and if so what replaces bonds as ballast?

The rise of the retail investor and the return of shareholder democracy. During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 ordinary people rushed to invest. Will they stick with markets or abandon them as real life makes a comeback – and market returns falter? And if they do what does that mean for the future of public markets – and companies?

Public markets vs private markets: why the former are worth protecting if we care about inequality and transparency

The energy transition – and how to invest in it.

The history of bubbles – from diving bells to sneakers, Beanie Babies and NFTs

Women and finance/investing

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Videos of Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn talks with Jim Mellon
Merryn talks with Jim Mellon
"Mortgage and interest rises to come" (2013)

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Books by Merryn Somerset Webb

Your Money, Your Vote
Love Is Not Enough
Love Is Not Enough: A Smart Woman's Guide to Money

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