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Max Dickins Keynote Speaker

  • Author of best-selling book 'Billy No Mates'.
  • Internationally recognised authority on friendship and male mental health, featured in The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mail and more.
  • Thought leader is the application of improvisation in business.

Max Dickins's Biography

Max Dickins is a published playwright, actor, presenter, comedian and author of Billy No Mates, which has been translated into multiple languages and is currently being adapted for television.

When Max decided to propose to his girlfriend, he realised there was no one he could call on to be his best man. He quickly learned that he wasn’t the only man struggling with friendships. For decades, countless studies from across the world have confirmed that men have fewer friends – especially fewer close friends – than women, and the problem gets worse the older men get. But what goes wrong? And what can men do about it? Dickins went in search of answers, talking to world-leading experts and treating himself as a human guinea pig testing their recommendations.

The result is a fascinating, funny, and painfully honest look at masculinity, friendship, and male mental health.

On the page, Max’s writing has been featured in the Observer, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, and GQ. On the stage, Max’s critically acclaimed play Man on the Moor has toured nationally. On the airwaves, his radio show on Absolute Radio was nominated for a Sony Award. While on screen, Dickins has appeared numerous times on BBC One’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

In his other life, Max is also director of Hoopla, the UK’s first dedicated improvised comedy theatre and school. In these unprecedented times, he believes that improvisation is THE key skill that all of us need both at work and in our personal lives. He spreads the gospel in interactive workshops and keynote presentations with amazing clients like Google, Facebook and Accenture across 4 continents, with The Financial Times dubbing his work ‘transformative.’

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Max Dickins's Speaking Topics

• Why Male Loneliness Matters – and what we can do about it

I explore the nature of men’s friendship problem, it’s three main causes and offer some practical solutions.

• The Power of Friendships

I explain the link between social connections and mental and physical health; look at what the differences are between the male and female social worlds – and why it’s important to understand these; and explore what we can all do to have more - and more fulfilling - friendships.

• The Improv Edge

Improvisation is the art of acting without a script. This happens on stage for laughter in shows like, Whose Line is it Anyway? But how often in life are forced to act without scripts? Especially at work? In this high-energy and interactive talk, I take the skills of improv off-stage, and show the audience how they can use them to handle whatever life throws their way.

• The Art of Storytelling

The storytellers have inherited the earth. In an increasingly complex world, where we are all fighting for our audience’s attention, the ability to tell stories to simplify concepts and make our message memorable is more crucial than ever. In this talk, I use examples from the stage, screen and real-life to teach everyone how they can use narrative techniques to make themselves heard.

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Videos of Max Dickins

Does Anyone Care About Male Loneliness? - Max Dickins | Modern Wisdom Podcast
Does Anyone Care About Male Loneliness? - Max Dickins | Modern Wisdom Podcast
Max Dickins - Billy No Mates - Radio 2 Jeremy Vine
Max Dickins - Billy No Mates - Radio 2 Jeremy Vine
Max Dickins - Billy No Mates - Radio5Live Nihal
Max Dickins - Billy No Mates - Radio5Live Nihal
Is THIS The Biggest Problem Facing Men Today? | Max Dickins
Is THIS The Biggest Problem Facing Men Today? | Max Dickins

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Max Dickins

Max Dickins book
Billy No-Mates: How I Realised Men Have a Friendship Problem
Improvise!: Use the Secrets of Improv to Achieve Extraordinary Results at Work

Comments & Testimonials

‘A poignant – and very funny – odyssey.’
Daily Mail
‘A funny but deeply uncomfortable read for those men… who have allowed their male friendships to wither.’
Sunday Times
‘Brilliant… one of the most important books I’ve read this year… [this book] asks us to put a mirror up to our own friendships.’
Nihal Arthanayake, Radio 5 Live
‘A world class speaker. Great feedback – 100% said excellent or very good.’
Sherilynn Shackell, The Marketing Academy
‘Max is a highly entertaining and engaging speaker. Billy No Mates has put the issue of male loneliness firmly into the public consciousness. His talk was the perfect mix of academic insight alongside brilliantly entertaining personal anecdotes and practical solutions for men’s friendship problem, which brought the book to life for the audience.’
Oliver Hughes, MHP Mischief
‘Thank you for a fantastic talk! I really appreciated how prepared you were and the feedback has been wonderful.’
Erica Young, Atomico
“Max delivered a very interesting, funny and thought-provoking talk on the difficult topic of male friendships that was well received across the office. He generated lots of positive discussion, and I’ve never seem so many blokes queue up to ask personal questions as they did afterwards. I’ve been bombarded with emails all day from people asking where I put the spare copies of the books that were left over!”
Jonathan Woodward, Carpmaels and Ransford
‘I wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did... I hope when you watch the video you think it is as fantastic as we do!’
Rachael Knight, PWC
‘Max has researched this meaningful topic extensively, and the whole message is delivered with wit, humour and a level of engagement that the firm hadn’t seen in years. The session was incredibly well received at Taylor Wessing across the board.’
Edward Chapman, Taylor Wessing
‘I contacted Max to ask if he would be willing to speak at an event in Manchester about his experience and the research he conducted for his book and was thrilled when he said he could.We opened up the event to anyone across our City-region interested to hear more and we had around 70 - mainly men- attend. Max shared the challenges many men face with social connection and did so with the right level of humour. Feedback from those that attended couldn’t be better.As I work to reduce the numbers of suicides amongst men in our region, I really appreciated Max giving his time to help us get much needed conversations going and in inspiring men who attended to instigate change.’
Adele Owen, Suicide Prevention Manager, NHS Manchester

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