Mauro Guillén Keynote Speaker

  • One of the World's Foremost Experts on Global Trends
  • Wall Street Journal bestselling author & winner of the Aspen Institute’s Faculty Pioneer Award
  • Professor of Management and Vice-Dean at the Wharton School and former Director and Dean of the Cambridge University Judge Business School

Mauro Guillén's Biography

Mauro F. Guillén is Professor and Vice Dean at The Wharton School. He is the Former Director and Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School. An expert on global market trends, he is a sought-after speaker and consultant. He combines his training as a sociologist at Yale and as a business economist in his native Spain to methodically identify and quantify the most promising opportunities at the intersection of demographic, economic, and technological developments. His online classes on Coursera and edX have attracted over 100,000 participants from around the world. He has won multiple teaching awards at Wharton, where his presentation on global market trends has become a permanent feature of over fifty executive education programs annually.

During his time with The Wharton School, he has held the Zandman Professorship in International Management and taught in its flagship Advanced Management Program and many other courses for executives, MBAs, and undergraduates.

His research, teaching, and speaking incorporate numerical assessments of trends and illuminating examples from business, politics, and everyday life. He shows in accessible terms that one can accurately forecast trends by systematically following the babies and following the money into the future. His research has earned him many distinctions, including Fulbright, Rockefeller, and Guggenheim fellowships, a membership in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and prizes from the Academy of Management, the American Sociological Association, the Social Science History Association, and the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights. He is an elected member of the Sociological Research Association and the Macro Organizational Behavior Society.

His research, op-eds, and commentary have been featured in numerous outlets, from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to The Economist, and the Financial Times. He has appeared on radio and TV shows such as NPR’s Marketplace and Radio Times, CNBC’s Mad Money and Squawk Box, and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS. He is a seasoned public speaker at conferences, conventions, forums, and corporate events organized by industry associations and Fortune 500 companies. He serves or has served on several advisory groups, boards of directors, and nonprofit boards of trustees.

His book on 2030 AD: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything was published by St. Martin’s in 2020, with translations into Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Romanian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Read Mauro’s op-eds where he discusses how businesses have successfully pivoted during the pandemic, HBR and Mauro’s book, The Platform Paradox: How Digital Businesses Succeed in a Ever-Changing Global Marketplace was published by Wharton School Press in 2021.

His new book The Perennials: The Megatrends Creating a Postgenerational Society is available now.

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Mauro Guillén's Speaking Topics

  • Global Market Trends to 2030 and Beyond

Africa will be the second-biggest region by population, India will have a bigger consumer market than China, the population above the age of 60 will be the market segment with the greatest purchasing power, more than half of the world’s wealth will be owned by women, and there will be more robots than human beings. What are the implications for the economy, for companies, and for consumers? What role will technology play in shaping those demographic and economic trends. Learn about the largest growth opportunities in global markets and how they will reshape the future.

  • Do Multigenerational Living, Learning, and Working Make Sense?

Just over 20% of American households include family members from three or more generations. Lifelong learning facilitates cross-generational interaction. The workplace is increasingly multigenerational. What are the implications for businesses and for society? Would you be comfortable learning side by side with people of a very different age? Should diversity programs incorporate age? Would you be happy reporting to a boss much younger than you? What role will technology play in bringing generations closer together? Explore the exhilarating potential of cross-generational collaboration and synergy at home, in school, and on the job.

  • The Brave New World of Wealth Management and Inheritance

Wealth accumulation continues to accelerate as demographics, technology, and geopolitics transform the world. Will inheritances become larger because there are fewer children to enjoy them? Or will longevous parents spend it all? Whether we are about to witness a big wave of inter-generational wealth transfer or not financial realities won’t be the same for most families. Learn about the key drivers and the momentous consequences of these shifts as the wealth landscape enters a new uncertain phase.

  • The Multigenerational Consumer Market

Brands have long used generations as the targets of their marketing efforts. In the past, younger generations were the largest segment of the market. But now people above the age of 60 will account for the bulk of consumer spending. Will marketers continue to engage in generation-specific efforts? Which stereotypes and biases can make you fail? Are “perennials” a new, useful category for marketing and advertising? Which brands have succeeded with “multigenerational” marketing? Discover the enormous opportunities of “ageless” marketing through the implementation of proven demographic and digital tools.

  • New Business Opportunities in Global Markets:

The Impact of Population and Technology Trends

  • Follow the Babies:

What Population Trends Tell Us About the Future of Consumer and Financial Markets

  • Gray Is the New Black:

Why Seniors Are the Most Overlooked Market—And the Most Attractive

  • Nurturing Talent:

Population Trends and the Labor Force of the Future

  • Seven Mysteries about Technology:

How Social and Economic Trends Shape Technology Adoption

  • Epidemics, Natural Disasters, and Geopolitics:

Managing Global Business and Financial Uncertainty

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Videos of Mauro Guillén

Wharton Global Forum Bangkok 2015: Keynote: The Consumer Power of Asia’s Emerging Middle Class
Wharton Global Forum Bangkok 2015: Keynote: The Consumer Power of Asia’s Emerging Middle Class
Export@Google NYC 2016: Excuse the Interruption
Export@Google NYC 2016: Excuse the Interruption
Women hold the secret recipe to wealth in 2030 - Asia Times
Women hold the secret recipe to wealth in 2030 - Asia Times
Prof. Mauro Guillén on why protectionism is a
Prof. Mauro Guillén on why protectionism is a "terrible idea"
Mauro Guillen's insight on the world economic market
Mauro Guillen's insight on the world economic market
Leveraging global trends for growth
Leveraging global trends for growth
Fundación Rafael del Pino
Fundación Rafael del Pino

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Mauro Guillén

The Perennials
2030: How Today's Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything
Global Turning Points: The Challenges For Business And Society In The 21St Century
Rude Awakening: Threats to the Global Liberal Order

Comments & Testimonials

Mauro Guillén’s presentation on global demographics and markets made me think about new opportunities for attracting, developing, and retaining talent.
Alba Martínez Head of Global Talent Acquisition, The Vanguard Group

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