Matthew Hussey Keynote Speaker

  • Relationship columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and resident love expert on The Today Show
  • New York Times bestselling author of "Get The Guy"
  • Podcaster and confidence coach

Matthew Hussey's Biography

Matthew Hussey, a New York Times bestselling author known for “Get The Guy,” is a popular podcaster, esteemed confidence coach, relationship columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine, and a regular love expert on The Today Show.

As the premier dating and confidence coach for women, Matthew Hussey has empowered millions to realize their dream lives through his in-demand live seminars, meticulous online coaching, and informative training videos. His retreats offer participants a holistic transformation journey, enriching not just their lifestyle, but also their mindset, relationships, emotional well-being, and intrinsic confidence.

In his impactful keynotes on Core Confidence, Matthew imparts his wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies, cultivated from years of comprehensive research and practical experience, to help individuals unleash their personal excellence, foster authenticity, and establish profound connections in diverse life facets.

Boasting over 10M social media followers, 400M views on YouTube, 100K live retreat attendees, and 92M training video participants, Matthew has garnered the largest online audience in his field. He is ideally positioned to guide on creating impactful content and molding a distinctive brand voice that stands out amidst the clutter. He can equip your organization with the tools to foster an invaluable relationship with your audience, nurturing a loyalty that outshines any competition.

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Matthew Hussey's Speaking Topics

  • Making Your Voice Heard In A World That Won’t Stop Talking

The internet has given everyone to the marketplace, resulting in more competition than ever. With so much noise, how do you make your brand stand out? Matthew explores how to develop your brand’s unique voice so that it’s heard through the noise—building an irreplaceable relationship with your audience and creating a loyalty that transcends the competition.

  • How To Create Great Content

For most businesses today, growing an internet presence is essential to surviving and thriving in any industry. But the reality is that without great content, most businesses will fail to attract attention online. Having built the largest online audience in his industry, Matthew shares the secrets of creating great content. You’ll learn how to take existing knowledge and turn it into entertaining and memorable content that arrests attention and engages an audience.

  • ‍Developing Core Confidence

During this engaging talk, Matthew will share his expertise and practical strategies, honed through years of research and hands-on experience, to help individuals unlock their personal excellence, cultivate authenticity, and build meaningful connections in various aspects of life.

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Videos of Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey - Sizzle Reel
Matthew Hussey - Sizzle Reel
The Science of Attraction: Why You’ve Not Met Someone
The Science of Attraction: Why You’ve Not Met Someone

Books by Matthew Hussey

Get the Guy

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