Matthew Griffin Keynote Speaker

  • World-class futurist and innovation expert
  • Founder and CEO of the 311 Institute
  • Founder of the World Futures Forum and XPotential University

Matthew Griffin's Biography

Matthew Griffin is a futurist and author whose visionary insights have reshaped our understanding of the emerging technology landscape, business disruption and leadership, and the future of work and the workforce. With an impressive collection of 13 groundbreaking books that explore all aspects of the future and deep future, including the first to be authored by an AI, Matthew is a leading authority on emerging technologies and global trends, as well as education and learning, disruptive innovation, foresight, leadership, and much more.

Hailed by the US government as the “Tech bible of the 2020s,” Matthew’s book on the future of emerging technology stands as a testament to his unparalleled expertise. His in-depth analysis and compelling narratives have captivated readers, guiding them through the intricate world of exponential disruption and shedding light on future opportunities.

Matthew not only shapes the intellectual landscape but also spearheads real-world action. He possesses an innate ability to translate complex concepts into tangible strategies, empowering organisations to navigate the ever-evolving technological frontier.

Matthew’s extensive body of work goes beyond the confines of traditional futurism, delving into unexplored realms of knowledge. His thought-provoking book on leadership lessons from organised crime challenges conventional wisdom, offering unconventional insights that resonate with executives and decision-makers across industries.

With a unique blend of foresight and creativity, Matthew embodies the essence of innovation. His visionary perspectives and forward-thinking mindset make him an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand and shape the future.

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Matthew Griffin's Speaking Topics

  • The future of banking and financial services

  • The future of work and the workplace

  • The future of education and learning

  • The future of healthcare and longevity

  • The future of AI and Generative AI

  • The future of entertainment and content

  • The future of supply chains

  • The future of leadership in exponential times

  • The future of transportation and mobility

  • The future of food

  • The future of energy

  • The future of sustainable business

  • The future of sustainable investing

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Videos of Matthew Griffin

The Future of Synthetic Content and Creativity by @FanaticalFuturist
The Future of Synthetic Content and Creativity by @FanaticalFuturist
Futurist Keynote Speaker Matthew Griffin: The Future of Trust, London
Futurist Keynote Speaker Matthew Griffin: The Future of Trust, London
The Future Unpacked for @Accenture by @FanaticalFuturist
The Future Unpacked for @Accenture by @FanaticalFuturist
#AI is already Superior to Many Humans by @FanaticalFuturist
#AI is already Superior to Many Humans by @FanaticalFuturist

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Comments & Testimonials

EMEA Managing Director Accenture
Chief Operation Officer AON
Simply great!
Country Manager Google
Head of Strategic Marketing Samsung

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