Martin Warner Keynote Speaker

  • CEO & Founder at Flix Premiere, Entrepreneur Seminar and Autonomous Flight
  • Co-Founder of botObjects
  • Prolific Innovator and Inventor

Martin Warner's Biography

Martin Warner is a world-renowned thought leader and one of Britain’s most prominent entrepreneurs. Due to his numerous inventions and expertise in cross-industry domains, many have dubbed him the “UK’s Elon Musk”. As a relentless supporter of entrepreneurship, Martin is a highly regarded speaker on Entrepreneurship.

He is the current CEO of Flix Premiere, a top-tier independent-film streaming service, the Founder & Chairman of Autonomous Flight, an electric aviation company committed to designing and developing urban air mobility, and the Creator, author and teacher of Entrepreneur Seminar, a top-notch online Entrepreneurship educational and coaching program. Martin previously worked at JP Morgan & BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting) in executive management capacities.

Martin earned many accolades, including when he co-founded botObjects, a cutting-edge 3D printing software and hardware developer bought for a staggering $50M in January 2015 by market-leader 3D Systems Inc. He is also credited with co-developing a state-of-the-art full-colour 3D desktop printer, dubbed the ProDesk3D, featured on the front cover of T3’s Magazine and No.1 on the T3 Magazine’s Hot 100 products list. Additionally, they listed him amongst Business Cloud’s top 100 list for global innovators.

As a skilled inventor, Martin’s thirst for knowledge drove him to create cutting-edge air logistics through his R&D firm Parcel Fly. The result is a quantum leap in software innovation, introducing a brand new air traffic management operation, ‘Random Autonomous Routes’, which they will use for future drone deliveries of parcels worldwide. He was also the first British innovator to enter the urban air mobility eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing) race. 

Warner has developed over a dozen top-selling items and has over 120 registered patents. As a passionate leader and teacher of entrepreneurship, over 250,000 individuals have been impacted by Martin’s education worldwide since he began teaching 20 years ago. 

Martin is a regular guest on network news programmes and has spoken about his business experiences on Sky News, BBC News, and BBC World News. Warner has graced the covers of several publications, including Variety and Screen and has given a keynote speech at the Cannes Film Festival.

Martin Warner has spoken with some of the world’s most renowned leaders and innovators, including Sir Richard Branson, Peter Guber, Steve Wozniak, Jimmy Wales, Carly Fiorina, and others. With his speaking experience and expertise, he would make an exceptional addition to any industry-related event.

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