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  • Co-Founder & CEO @
  • Innovation advisor to corporates, CEOs, celebrities and government
  • UK’s top 100 Entrepreneurs by Maserati
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Martin Adams's Biography

Martin Adams is an international keynote speaker and workshop leader on the topics of artificial intelligence, disruptive technology and innovation. Martin has a rich background as a cutting-edge entrepreneur, innovation advisor and policy expert. As an entrepreneur, he helped setup the world’s first ever social media consultancy, which was eventually backed by Sean Parker (President of Facebook and founder of Napster), where he started to learn about the power of understanding audiences to drive company innovation.

He is also the CEO and Founder of, a company that has raised millions to map popular culture around the globe and help companies understand what products and communications their audiences want them to create, before companies have to guess. Codec works with the leading brands in the world, including Unilever, Nespresso Time Inc and the BBC, and has been recognised as ‘the Best Artificial Intelligence Product in Marketing’ (CognitionX), one of the ‘Hottest AI Businesses in Europe’ (TechCrunch) and one of the ’50 most disruptive businesses in the UK’ (Real Business).

As an innovation advisor, he has worked with some of the world’s most high-profile individuals and organisations in the world on how to use technology to be more innovative and connect more deeply with real people- including companies like Pfizer and Red Bull, influencers like Barack Obama, and governmental organisations like the Royal Marines.

As a policy expert, he is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and the founder of the Social Media Unit and the Digital Leadership Council @ UCL, which enables him to help companies get under the skin of popular trends and how markets are developing so that they can truly understand which innovative technology will most affect their business and their customers.

Martin’s unique and powerful approach has led him to being recognised as a Maserati Top 100 Entrepreneur and he is viewed as an international thought leader on how technology can help put people, and more specifically customers and target audiences, at the centre of decision making in business, government and policy.

Martin has delivered keynotes to the world’s leading companies, government bodies and various members of the Royal family, including the Queen and HRH the Duke of York.

Martin draws on an entrepreneurial mindset to show how companies big and small, modern and traditional, can innovate using use the science of disruptive new technology (Artificial Intelligence, blockchain etc.) and the art of storytelling and marketing to build the strongest possible relationships with their customers.


Speaking topics:


  • Artificial Intelligence:

What does it really mean for your business and how can AI help improve your company’s decision making?

How can your business use Artificial Intelligence in a human-centred way?

  • Disruptive Technology:

How to use disruptive technologies, from AI to blockchain, to serve the people that really matter- your customers

  • Innovation:

Moving beyond the buzzwords, what can you learn from the world’s most innovative companies, CEOs and celebrities and how will this help you innovative in your business?

‘Innovation or distraction? How to identify the innovations that your company needs to be ahead of and those which you need to ignore’


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How can AI influence content marketing and creative decisions?
How can AI influence content marketing and creative decisions?

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