Mark Pattison Keynote Speaker

  • Former 5 Year NFL Player
  • Completed Seven Summits culminating with his ascent to the top of Mt Everest in May of 2021
  • Sports Illustrated Executive

Mark Pattison's Biography

Mark Pattison is a former NFL player who has just completed the Seven Summits having scaled Mt Everest on May 23rd, 2021. He became the 2nd NFL player to ever accomplish this goal having climbed the world’s highest peaks (Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Elbrus, Mt Kosciuszko, Aconcagua, Denali, Vinson & Mt Everest) which he started in 2013.  The NFL also made an Emmy winning documentary called Searching for the Summit which debuted on NFL 360 which covered Mark’s journey on Mt Everest.  Here is the Youtube Link:

Mark played 5 years in the NFL and then went on to start several successful multi-million-dollar businesses in which one was venture-backed and acquired by University Games in 2008. Today, Mark is a senior executive for Sports Illustrated and helped to take the parent company The Arena Group public onto the NASDAQ in the 2021. He also helped to company go from from #17 to #3 in the Comscore rankings just behind ESPN and CBS.

In 2017, Mark launched his weekly podcast series called Finding Your Summit, which can be found on his website ( or anywhere you listen to podcasts. Mark interviews high achievers who have overcome adversity and gone on to find success in whatever medium they have chosen: Mark’s guests have ranged from a shark attack victim, POW in Vietnam, Navy Seals, Professional Athletes, Mountaineers to Relationships & Business & Music & Hollywood stars.

Mark launched his Facebook Fan Page in 2016 and now has over 320,000 fans with a globally engaged audience as his page continues to grow by over 1,000 people per week. His Instagram feed has over 25,000 dedicated & engaged followers. Mark is also active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Links to all of Mark’s Socials can also be found on his website,

Mark was chosen to be featured on a new segment called Life After Football during pregame of the Raider/Chiefs pregame during week seven on the NFL NETWORKS. Mark shares his journey of how he found the mountains after going through a challenging time in his life.  Here it is:

Mark is also a philanthropist having raised over $150,000 for various causes and most recently, partnering with non-profit Higher Ground based in Sun Valley. Mark’s daughter Emilia has epilepsy which motivated him to get involved in helping others.  It has become Passion with Purpose for Emilia’s Everest.

Keynote Engagements:

Most of us are in search of something greater, to find an elevated purpose in our work and in our lives.  But we may also lack the discipline or practical knowledge for how to set a course to find it.

Through his Seven Summits of Success presentations, Mark helps business leaders and their teams to get off the sidelines, re-engage, and win by applying a proven set of principles, process, and tools which he has learned in the NFL, mountains and business.

Mark takes you on an expedition and will help ignite you or your organization to get off the sidelines by:

  •       Unleashing your potential
  •       Achieving your goals
  •       Living your purpose
  •       Traversing through life’s obstacles
  •       Add greater meaning to every aspect of your life
  •        Mastering your own destiny
  •        Never giving up on living the life you want

For availability and speaker fees, please contact Mark Pattison ’s speaking agent at Chartwell here, or call +1 972 385 1021 for U.S. inquiries or +44 207 293 0864 for international inquiries.

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Videos of Mark Pattison

Former NFL Player Mark Pattison talks about Traversing
Former NFL Player Mark Pattison talks about Traversing
Mark Pattison's Journey to Become the First NFL Player to Climb the Seven Summits
Mark Pattison's Journey to Become the First NFL Player to Climb the Seven Summits
Former NFL Player Mark Pattison on Finding Greatness
Former NFL Player Mark Pattison on Finding Greatness
Searching for the Summit on Mt Everest trailer
Searching for the Summit on Mt Everest trailer
Mark Pattison's Journey to Become the First NFL Player to Climb the Seven Summits by NFL 360
Mark Pattison's Journey to Become the First NFL Player to Climb the Seven Summits by NFL 360
Mark Pattison's Journey to Become the First NFL Player to Climb the Seven Summits by NFL 360
Mark Pattison's Journey to Become the First NFL Player to Climb the Seven Summits by NFL 360

Comments & Testimonials

"As a speaker at our convention, Mark Pattison was phenomenal! The way he correlated his climbing experiences to life lessons was masterful, inspirational, and impactful. Mark’s story of grit and determination is a story everyone needs to hear! I could not more highly recommend Mr. Mark Pattison"
Q Sciences
"Mark was truly inspiring by his story. In the middle of his divorce, he decided to focus on a goal so outrageous that he was able to pull himself out of the negative space he was in. He spoke about loving the process and how much training it took to climb MT EVEREST & the Seven Summits. Everest was a massive goal which helped him visualize what he needed to do to accomplish it. The main message was, in a world of go big or go home….. Focus on the small things that you can control. Near the end of his time on Everest and after 2 months into his journey when he reached the death zone, he focused on the process. One step at a time, one breath at a time, keep moving forward and never give up. He said we all have to understand that hard things are hard and it's important to surround yourself with positive voices so you can have a positive mindset and positive outlook. Finally, being able to pay it forward and see his daughter get healed was the icing on the cake. What a night!!"
Kure It Cancer Research

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