Mariana Mazzucato Keynote Speaker

  • R.M. Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation, University of Sussex (2011-present)
  • Expert speaker in the relation between innovation and economic growth
  • Best-selling Author, "The Entrepreneurial State" (2013)

Mariana Mazzucato's Biography

Mariana Mazzucato is a keynote speaker and a Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex, where she holds the R.M. Phillips Chair in Science and Technology Policy (in SPRU). Her area of expertise lies in economies of growth and industrial economics.

Prior to joining Sussex University, Mariana Mazzucato was at the Open University as Professor in the Economics of Innovation (2005-11), and before that she was based at the London School of Economics.

Mariana is the Co-ordinator of a large research project on Finance Innovation and Growth, and is Economics Director of the ESRC Innogen Centre. Her primary interest of research is the feedback between the innovative efforts of companies (in both organisational and technological change) and the impact this has on their growth and the structure of the industry in which they compete.

As Mariana is an active policy advisor in the areas of innovation and industrial policy, both in the UK and abroad, she is a member of two EC expert groups in the European Commision – Innovation for Growth, and Public Sector Innovation.

She is distinguished author of “The Entrepreneurial State” (Anthem Press, 2013), a best-selling book which stirred worldwide debates about the role of the State in innovation.

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Videos of Mariana Mazzucato

TEDtalk: Government -- investor, risk-taker, innovator (2013)
TEDtalk: Government -- investor, risk-taker, innovator (2013)
How the State Drives Innovation (2013)
How the State Drives Innovation (2013)

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