Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek Keynote Speaker

  • International thought leader on sustainable business
  • Award winning author of the bestselling “The Trillion Dollar Shift “ and “New Economy Business”
  • Member of Thinkers50 2019

Marga Hoek's Biography

Marga Hoek is an international business and thought leader on sustainable business, capital and the circular economy. She has gained recognition over the years as an innovative business leader in various CEO and executive roles and now is a highly sought-after board advisor, keynote speaker, moderator and Non Executive Director/Chair. She was named a THINKERS 50 member in 2019 for her trailblazing way of thinking.

Ms. Hoek is author of the award-winning, bestseller books ‘The Trillion Dollar Shift’ (gold medal sustainability, Business book awards, 2019) and ‘New Economy Business’ (business book of the year, 2015). Her books received international praise for the clear vision of a sustainable economy and the new role of business and capital. ‘The Trillion Dollar Shift’ is the first and only business book on the Global Goals, addressing how businesses can make positive use of these goals while strengthening their company and business proposition. She published numerous articles in magazines such as The Huffington Post and Executive Finance and is a global voice for G20, G7 Climate Change and Cop23.

Hoek is a partner of Chairman Mentors International, a global company that enables CEO’s to benefit from the experience of seasoned Chairman around the world, collaborating with businesses around the globe. She has been CEO of multiple private and public companies and has been CEO and Chairman of the Dutch Sustainable Business Association.

Keynotes by Marga Hoek are inspirational, impressive and action provoking. She uses her concrete examples of exciting business cases throughout the world to engage with audiences in many different countries. She is unique in demonstrating how ICT and technological innovations can be a huge force for good and has a strong track record in the financial sector. She speaks for boards, management teams, company off sites as well as any other business meetings.

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Marga Hoek's Speaking Topics

  • The business of mental health:

Mental health and wellbeing is at the top of business agendas, as mental health is a key part of sustainability and vice versa! I am fascinated with how we can inspire companies and their employees on how to improve mental health and how to do this in an innovative and effective way. Over the last moths I I have had a team perform extensive research, and we have amazing new insides and many innovative cases around the world to offer.

  • Purpose in Business:

Purpose and purpose driven leadership is more important than ever. But what does it truly mean, how to identify, how to successfully apply and how do frontrunner companies put purpose to work around the world? Brand new research, 50 new cases and a compelling new keynote on purpose for a variety of events and audiences, like client events, HR events and other. Insightful, triggering, and amazing new keynote.

  • Tech for Good:

Her book, Imagine, Tech for Good solving world’s greatest challenges, got great coverage around the world in Forbes, Fortune, FT and was already in the top 10 books used at Harvard. More importantly, the book inspired to a series of innovative keynotes on how technology can enhance business and sustainability opportunities. With AI at the top of the business agenda, my keynote ‘How to apply AI for business and global good’, is one of the popular requests. Many real-life cases, opportunity for the book to be a tailor-made giveaway at events.

  • Finance for Good:

keynotes demonstrate the business case of ESG investing, provide many inspiring innovative cases from around the world and leave the audience with a clear message, direction, and concrete suggestions how to move forward. Look forward to speak on finance and banking for good!

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Videos of Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek
Marga Hoek
The SDGS, a compass for everyone, anywhere
The SDGS, a compass for everyone, anywhere

Books by Marga Hoek

The Trillion Dollar Shift
The Trillion Dollar Shift
New Economy Business

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