Marcus Weston London, UK

  • International business advisor and private coach
  • Leading teacher at The Kabbalah Centre in London
  • Expert speaker on change management


An Introduction to Business Gym (2011)
An Introduction to Business Gym (2011)
The Successful of Failure Management (2011)
The Successful of Failure Management (2011)


Marcus Weston is a thought-provoking international speaker and advisor to business leaders, politicians, royalty, celebrities and sports professionals around the world.

Marcus began his career in international finance, working for the likes of Goldman Sachs and Citibank, before successfully setting up his own consultancy practise.

In 1998, desiring ‎to deepen his business acumen, Marcus concurrently began a quest for his own personal spiritual development in different parts of the world. As he successfully experienced how these core, personal values maximised business productivity and prosperity, Marcus sold his business in 2001 and committed himself to teaching full-time, marrying the spiritual capital of emotional intelligence into the world of business.

Now also serving as one of the foremost teachers of Kabbalah – a 4000 year old universal wisdom – this adds a novel level of depth to traditional motivation speaking. As well as coaching individuals and companies, Marcus currently spearheads many domestic and European charitable projects from offices in London.

Marcus is ideally placed to speak on subjects discussing Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, Peak Performance Initiatives, Staff Retention & Wellbeing and Female Leadership.

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